I just received the Yami package in less than an hour. Let me share the next three perfect matches: Youlemei milk tea and Hewei instant noodles and Jinbao ham luncheon meat. It is a savior for office workers. Sweet and sweet, vegetables and meat, and good drinks! You don't have to thank me! There is also Shouquanzhai brown sugar ginger tea. I am really surprised. Yami also sells it. I have wanted to buy it for a long time. I didn’t expect to taste the tea endorsed by my idol, Xiao S, so easily. , I just love this tea. And I wish Yami a happy fifth birthday, thank you for bringing me a lot of memories of my hometown. Long live and long live Yami.
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刚收到亚米包裹再次不到一小时,我来分享下三个绝配:优乐美奶茶和合味道方便面以及金宝火腿午餐肉,对于上班族就是救星,想吃咸的有咸的,想吃甜的有甜的,有菜有肉又又好饮料!大家不用谢谢我了!还有寿全斋红糖姜茶,我真的太惊讶了,亚米也有卖,早就想买了,想不到这么轻松就可以尝到我偶像小S代言的茶.据说有效果,就冲小S,我就爱这茶. 还有祝亚米五岁生日快乐,谢谢你带给我很多很多家乡的回忆.希望亚米万岁万岁万万岁.