It was just less than half an hour after the arrival. This time, I read a lot of Yami's listings and finally read the comments and concluded some of the purchases: 1 The pineapple cake is good quality and cheap, a little moon cake feeling, not bad. 2 Burning fairy grass looks ordinary, but it turns out that there are hidden secrets and a lot of ingredients, which is great. 3 There is also this little red biscuit, I think it is good for friends to eat occasionally, and the small taste is also good. 4 Ayibo's soup is just one word: it's really amazing! Wow haha, the others are not in stock yet, I have to buy them when I see them in stock. I will eat a small packet of boiled noodles tonight. I like the taste so much. 5Guangaomei, buy it if you have it, don't think about it. 6pejoy has always been delicious, and matcha is also delicious. I tried this flavor this time. I want to say: ztm is delicious! Well, let's not talk about it, I want to drink another bowl of Ayibo soup.
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又是刚到货不到半小时,这次的东西我都是看了很多很多亚米晒单最后看了评论总结出来买的一些: 1凤梨酥物美价廉,有点月饼的感觉,不错. 2烧仙草看是普通,原来内藏玄机,很多料,很棒. 3还有这个红色小饼干,我感觉给朋友偶尔吃吃不错,小小的味道也不错. 4阿一波的汤就是一个字:真的太赞了!哇哈哈,其它的还没货了,看到有货必须买,今晚我要拿一小包煮面吃,味道太喜欢了. 5广澳梅,有货就买吧,什么也别想. 6pejoy一直很好吃,抹茶也好吃,这次吃了这个口味了,我想说:ztm好吃! 好了不说了,我要再喝一碗阿一波汤去