【Mimi Shrimp Strips】 💕Mimi!! Childhood memories! ! Really contracted the snack of my entire childhood. Whether it is shrimp sticks or crab flavored granules. It has always been the king of out of stock on Yami! This time, when you see it in stock, get it right away! 💕As soon as I eat it, I think of my childhood! I like it anyway! And the prawn sticks have not been eaten for a long time. Really miss it! ! Yami's prices are so good! Stock up if you have stock! 💕It's also a good drink for me late at night! !
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【咪咪虾条】 💕咪咪!!童年的回忆啊!!真的是承包了我整个童年的零食.无论是虾条还是蟹味粒.一直在亚米上都是断货王!这次看到有货就立马入手! 💕一吃就想到小时候!反正我很喜欢!还有虾条很久没吃了。真的很怀念!!亚米的价格太优惠了!有货一定要囤货! 💕也是我深夜陪酒好物!!