【too faced eyeshadow palette】 💕too faced eyeshadow palette. In my mind, it is the most conscientious in the affordable large-scale eyeshadow palette. No matter from the packaging, powder quality, cost-effectiveness. Putting it all together, you can have one if you want. The powder is really good! 💕I'm a face-controlled person. The main reason I bought it was because I was attracted by its packaging. 😜. Then the taste is really chocolate and peach. I like it. After that, I received three plates in a row. A big plate. There is also a new white chocolate. But I don't have any more 😂. 💕 As far as these three plates are concerned. For me Personal favorite: peach>chocolate bar>bon bon The most everyday feeling: chocolate bar> peach> bon bon If you only buy one plate: the peach plate!
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Yamiセレクション 【too faced眼影盘】 💕too faced的眼影盘.在我心目中算是平价大盘眼影盘里做的比较良心的了.无论从包装.粉质.性价比.综合起来各个来说.想入一盘是可以有的.它家粉质真的还不错! 💕颜控的我,当初会买它最主要原因就是被它家的包装吸引.😜.然后味道也真的就是巧克力和蜜桃味.喜欢.之后就一连着收了三盘.他们现在有好几个大盘子了。还有个新出的白巧克力.不过我没有再入了😂. 💕就这三盘子而言.对我而言 个人最喜欢:蜜桃〉巧克力bar〉bon bon 感觉最日常:巧克力bar〉蜜桃〉bon bon 如果只买一盘:蜜桃盘!