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💕To share a few useful products.< span class="s2">Hope to give you some reference💕

[Estee Lauder Small Brown Bottle]

💕This essence needs no introduction.< span class="s2">Everyone knows😊.

💕No matter what brand of skin care products you use.I have never stopped this essence.At least seven years.Ask what skin care products can last for seven years😂😂.It has also been updated for several generations. Specifically, I don't know the difference haha.I only know that the more updated the better it is.

💕I usually buy it when I have events.< span class="s2">As long as you don't know what product to use, it's right to use it.When the skin is sensitive during the season I use it too.never miss it. span>Great repair ability.Moisturizing and moisturizing is also great< span class="s3">.It feels good on the face and with follow-up skin care products.A product that will be used all the time.

[Sunshine Hyaluronic Acid Solution]

💕This Sun Society hyaluronic acid stock solution should be quite famous! A lot of people have mentioned it.I always had it.< /span>but always forget it exists😂. p>

💕I bought it80mlpacked.It also came with two small purple bottles.I ran out of two small ones very early! !

💕In JapancosmeAwards List.Most Popular Beauty Serum

💕The texture is viscous and transparent.< span class="s2">Just add a drop or two to your daily skin care products.It will make the skin care products Much improved hydration..I'm basically useless in summer. When the skin is too dry in winter, I will take it out and use it..Although I often forget to add it.But when it is obvious that it is useful, the moisturizing degree of the skin will be much better.

💕A large bottle is durable.The price is also pretty good! A great ancillary product.

[suqqueyelash curler]

suqqu is also a famous brand in Japan! It's not just eye shadows that are great! Even the eyelash curlers are awesome!

I think it works great and the whole lash is taken care of. The curvature is very suitable for Asian eyes..NoshiseidoThe radian of the house is so big.There will be no problem of eyelid and eyelash breakage.

And the matching black glue is also durable. I have used the black glue for a long time and I haven't changed it yet, it is still very elastic.

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