This topic: milk tea In my mountain valley, I can buy so much milk tea without leaving home. I feel that there is warmth everywhere in the world. I buy them all. The following four kinds of milk tea have their own characteristics: 1. lan fong yuen Lanfangyuan 👉Stockings milk tea. It feels very cool. If you don't like too sweet milk tea, you can try it. .... all of a sudden art cells are active! 😏 2. The milk tea ea is white. It has a very good appearance and also has black tea in it. It is very refreshing, and the milk tea taste is not greasy. The main thing is that the bottle is still visible. 3. Vita Hong Kong-style milk tea is perfect for breakfast with bread. 4. Master Kong's classic milk tea, there are two flavors, I like both, Ning one is out of stock, so be sure to set the arrival Notice, I will buy it as soon as it arrives. So I bought 55 bottles, looking at the pictures as proof, the refrigerator is full and there is still a box, I feel that if I can't drink pearls in other continents Friends of milk tea, you want to buy this kind of pearls. And the big bottle, the price is relatively affordable, and the taste is also very good. So you must stock up. The milk tea taste is also very serious~~ 6. Finally, I want to say that it is the king of out-of-stock, cucumber potato chips with milk tea, absolutely. The potato chips don’t feel like they are not easy to get fat, (comfort) Because they are cucumber potato chips, haha (I lied to myself) Haha. Going home from work one day, watching Yanxi Palace drinking milk tea and eating cucumber potato chips, it's perfect~ Fatigue said: 88 In the end, you must buy it if you have it in stock, and set it to arrive if there is no stock. Notifications. Okay, I hope this sharing will be helpful for babies who like milk tea. Go and place an order.
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Yamiセレクション 这个主题:奶茶 在我这山沟沟地方,我足不出户,可以买到这么多奶茶,我感觉人间处处有温情.我统统都买,以下四种奶茶各具特色: 1。lan fong yuen蘭芳園 👉丝袜奶茶.感觉很有范,不喜欢太甜奶茶可以试试.还可以装逼用.因为:进口红茶在里面,易失眠不建议饮用.开始于1952巴拉巴拉.......一下子艺术细胞都活跃起来了!😏 2。打奶茶ea 白色.颜值很高而且也有红茶在里面,很爽口,奶茶味也不腻.主要就是瓶子还看.嘻嘻 3。vita港式奶茶,早餐搭配面包非常完美. 4。康师傅经典奶茶,有两种口味,我都喜欢,宁一种没货了,所以一定一定要设置到货 通知,一到就买.于是我买了55瓶,看看图片为证,冰箱全满还有一箱,我感觉要是在外洲喝不了珍珠奶茶的朋友,买这种加点珍珠就是你要的了.而且大瓶,价钱也对比下实惠,再加上味道也很赞.所以必囤.奶茶味也很正经哦~~ 6. 最后我想说是断货王,黄瓜薯片配上奶茶,绝了.薯片感觉吃起来不上火不容易肥吧,(心里安慰)因为是黄瓜薯片,哈哈(自己骗自己)哈哈.上班一天回家,看着延禧宫略喝着奶茶,吃着黄瓜薯片,完美~一天疲劳说:88 最后一定要有货就买,无货要设置到货 通知. 好了希望这个分享对喜欢奶茶的宝宝们有帮助.快去下单吧.