Easy-to-use and inexpensive eye serum ~ caffeine eye serum

🌿🍃The Ordinary, a brand owned by Estee Lauder, this caffeine eye cream Serum (Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG ) with 5%< /span>Caffeine solution, which effectively removes dullness under the eyes, is an eye serum that removes dark circlesyoutube< span class="s3">The net red model, it is said that in addition to removing dark circles, it also has the effect of removing eye bags and edema. It is so popular that it is often out of stock.🤣🤣

🌿🍃 Caffeine is an antioxidant that can be used topically to promote muscle The bottom accumulated water is metabolized and decomposed, making the eye line more compact, which can accelerate the consumption of fat and help remove eye bags, while EGCGExtracted from green tea, the antioxidant effect is remarkable, if you add 眼部护理 products are good ingredients😍😍

🌿🍃This essence is a dropper design, the color of the essence is light golden yellow, and there is basically no special taste. The normal eye cream is used in the same way, two to three drops each time. It absorbs quickly after massage. After using it, there is a warm and comfortable feeling around the eyes. Because I just started it, the effect is still unknown. I am looking forward to getting rid of dark circles and edema. Effects😊😊😊

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🌿🍃The Ordinary,雅诗兰黛旗下品牌,这款咖啡因眼部精华(Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG ),含有5%咖啡因溶液,有效去除眼部暗沉,是一款去黑眼圈的眼部精华youtube网红款,据说除了去黑眼圈,还有去眼袋以及去水肿的功效,风靡到一度经常断货🤣🤣

🌿🍃 咖啡因是一种抗氧化成分,外用可以促进肌底堆积的水分代谢分解,让眼部线条更加紧实,可以加速脂肪的消耗,帮助去除眼袋,而EGCG提取自绿茶,抗氧化功效显著,如果加入眼部护理的产品都是很好的成分😍😍