A new wave of gourmet weeds! I quickly bought a wave before the opening, and I just received it at the dormitory. Unfortunately, many things were out of stock just after the school started. I don’t know if they will be replenished before the Mid-Autumn Festival. I've been obsessed with this tomato-flavored snail powder recently, it's so delicious! In addition, I bought two new lazy hot pots that I haven't eaten before. I want to try it out, and I also feel a wave before winter, so I can stock up in the future! Hot and sour noodles and Chongqing noodles are both highly praised. I haven't tried them yet. This time we pulled the weeds~ In addition, fish meal, Wangwang snow cakes, marinated eggs, and sesame paste are all my favorites that I buy every time! Looking forward to the Mid-Autumn Festival replenishment and continue to buy, buy, buy!
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