One half of Unicharm. 😂 Am I the only one who found out that one half of Unicharm is one piece and can be torn into two pieces for the first time? The cotton pads that have been repurchased for many years are super water-saving. After tearing it in half, I used cucumber water to wet compress on my face for three minutes. I really like the feeling of being as thin as a cicada's wings. It's so comfortable. It is more compliant than the previous one. Skin care after application The skin will breathe. 💗
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尤妮佳的二分之一。 😂难道只有我一个人第一次发现尤妮佳的二分之一是一片还能撕成两片吗? 多年回购的化妆棉 超省水。 撕成二分一以后用了黄瓜水 湿敷在脸上三分钟。 太喜欢这种薄如蝉翼的感觉 太舒服了。比之前一片的敷更服帖了。敷完后序护肤 皮肤会呼吸。💗