Farmacy mask first experience

💕I'm very interested infarmacyHome favorability.It starts with a makeup remover. Her family's makeup remover is really good👍🏻.Later, Makeup bloggeremmaplanted this sheet mask.Take advantage of the discount and try it out.

💕 I know that its comparative mask🔥 is the canned honey mask. Sheet mask homework is still relatively small. The effect of this mask is mainly moisturizing.And coconut essence. Moisturizing is the foundation of all skin care products! So pay special attention to moisturizing when skin care. Especially during the changing seasons.

💕This tablet contains23ml. is still very good.

💕Its mask sheet is special.Yesgelgel.Size is reasonable. Then there are blue mesh on the front and back..It can lock the essence well..I still feel the mask after 15minutes Still very moisturizing. The serum is milky white. Quantity is sufficient. The condition of my skin after washing my face is very comfortable!

💕I really like the smell of this mask. Veryfresh.Feel a bit like some kind of sparkling water. But I can't tell.😂😂. Original price one piece6knife.I will repurchase in the future while taking advantage of the discount!

💕Thank you for watching💕

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