Thailand Rookie - Annabella Annabella Seaweed Mask

Today, I recommend Thailand with high cost performance🇹🇭Mask

Annabella Seaweed Mask

This mask also contains a lot of essence. After I apply it on my face, I can wipe the rest on my neck, arms, and calves. Hahaha~o(^^)o

This mask paper is also ultra-thin ~ very docile ~ it is so good that it is not pasted on the heel. Anyway, I feel that it has been posted for ten minutes, and it is still moist and moist, reaching the moisturizing effect of seaweed✌️

This mask will feel a lot of collagen when it is applied, but I will tell you very seriously that it will not stick at all after tearing it off~ Not sticky! A true leave-in mask! Really don't need to wash! Tear it off and sleep immediately without feeling sticky! What a smooth face! Very refreshing!

This essence is rich in three kinds of seaweed ingredients, which can be very good for whitening and moisturizing💦, deep nourishment, firming and anti-wrinkle, sensitive skin can also be used with confidence!

I really recommend it!

The price is affordable and the hydration effect is super good!

Important things to say again! No wash! ! ! There is no sticky feeling after applying it! ! Not really! ! It feels super dry and smooth on the face!


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这款面膜贴的时候会感觉有超多的胶原蛋白,但很认真的跟你说,贴完撕下来后完全不会黏~ 不黏!真正的免洗面膜!真的不用洗!撕下来马上睡觉都没有粘稠感!还好滑滑的脸!非常清爽!