Etude House Soda Lip Tint

🌟 Etude House Soda Lip Tint 🌟

#New Delivery

🥤It's really cute to make a vending machine~< span class="Apple-converted-space"> 

Each bottle of soda has a distinct taste, and the summer feeling is officially armed to the lips~☀️

🥤From left➡️On the right are: zero red, milky soda , peach, and grapefruit.< span class="Apple-converted-space"> 

🥤wheremilky sodaIt's the sweet and sour Calpis flavor~

It looks like a transparent blue gel, but it actually follows the lipsphvalue changes to a light pink color. 

🥤The lip tinting effect is a bit too long-lasting, so be careful to remove it~

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Etude House 汽水染唇液

🌟 Etude House 汽水染唇液 🌟




🥤从左➡️右分别是:zero redmilky sodapeachgrapefruit. 

🥤其中milky soda就是酸酸甜甜的可尔必思味~