🇬🇧Marshall | Professional-grade exquisite retro small speaker, a must for fairies 🎵

Today I would like to share with you a speaker that I have grown for a long time Want to wait for Black Friday to buy but I think it's better to buy early and enjoy early haha😆 After all, who knows black 50% off But when I bought itAmazonIt seems to be discounted too20knife It's still good! The fact also proves that buying early is true This is the right choice This speaker is really good Totally a good thing for happinessupup !

A brief introduction"Marshall" British speaker brand FounderJim Marshall~ Marshall< /span>Speakers in the20century60sBirth of the era especially100WSplit amplifier head plus4x12box The split design of the body successfully shaped the sound of rock music~ Especially the distortion of tube amps is fromMarshallSpeakers Begin!! Marshallalso Professional and audio brands used in most concerts

First of all, I like this speaker because I saw a favorite dessert shop put it on last year Attracted instantly Part 1 Once I saw such a perfect retro, exquisite and elegant speaker > Totally designed for delicate pig girls like us! But at the time they had the super big one I bought the smaller, more everyday cute one span>!

I bought this oneKilburn It has a very retro and fashionable shape + high-quality white leather texture + gold metal logo and panel + classic handwritingLOGO< span class="s2">+Rose gold knob adjustment and gold retro switch key+White with rose red shoulder strap Every little detail is so elegant, delicate and lively and cute how to say girls don't like it! But the general design of the entire speaker is also integratedMarshall 's cool rock spirit and self-identifiable characteristics!

Of course, in addition to the perfect shape The most important thing is to use the feeling and sound effect! KilburnNot only can you use the built-in cable to connect directly Mobile phone external playback You can also use Bluetooth connection Very convenient and fast! Kilburnand up to20hbattery time no charge for a week~andKilburn's special The portable design also allows the speaker to appear in the living room at any time room span>Study~Then the most important sound effects~

※ Kilburnhas three separate knob adjustments YesVolume/Bass/TribleYou can adjust the perfect experience according to your preferences and needs span>! KilburnThe cabinet is very compact So the sound is really incredible provides a great balance of clear mids and penetrating highs It's really a feeling of being able to dance or listen to a concert quietly at home< span class="s1">!!!! (Part of the professional knowledge is borrowed from the official website) 

I recently liked playing music and making a cup of delicious red date tea in my little world Then it's not so pleasant to read and write for a long time! I really recommend this speaker I am addicted to it lately My boyfriend plays music with me every day~If I have to say the disadvantage is that the volume is larger than the average speaker And also heavier Weight3kg Inconvenient to take out span>!(I was desperate when I picked up the courier myself~)

😝 Ok Hey today 格格的分享 is here. I hope you like my sharing < /span>Like my picture Bi Xin ღ( ´ < span class="s1"> ` ) Have a happy day 💖

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🇬🇧Marshall |专业级精致复古小音箱 小仙女必备🎵

今天想要给大家分享一款我自己种草已久的一款音响 本来想等着黑五买的 但是又觉得还是早买早享受比较好哈哈😆 毕竟谁知道黑五打折不呢 不过呢我买的时候Amazon貌似也给打折便宜了20 还是不错的! 事实也证明了早买真的是完全对的一个选择 这个音箱真的太优秀了 完全就是一件让幸福感upupup的好物!

简单介绍一下"Marshall" 英国音箱品牌 创始人Jim Marshall~ Marshall音箱在20世纪60年代的诞生 尤其是100W分体功放头加上4x12箱体的分体设计 成功地塑造了摇滚音乐的音色~尤其是电子管功放的失真 就是从Marshall音箱开始的!! Marshall也是大多演唱会使用的专业及音响品牌

首先呢我喜欢这款音箱是因为去年看到一个很喜欢的甜品店摆了一款 瞬间就被吸引了 第一次见到那么完美复古精致优雅的音箱 颜值爆表 完完全全是给我们这样的精致猪猪女孩设计的! 不过当时他们摆的是超级大的那款 我自己买的是更加日常可爱的小型的!

我买的这款是Kilburn 它拥有非常复古又时尚的造型+拥有高级质感的白色皮纹+金色金属的标识和面板+经典的手写LOGO+玫瑰金的旋钮调节和金色的复古开关键+白色搭配玫红色的手提肩带 每一个小细节都是那么的优雅精致又带着活泼和可爱 怎么叫女孩不喜欢! 但是呢整个音箱的大体设计也都融合了Marshall的酷酷的摇滚精神和自己极具辨识性的特点!

当然呢除了完美的外形以外 最重要的就是使用感受和音效了! Kilburn不仅可以使用自带的连接线直接连接手机外放 还可以使用蓝牙连接 十分的方便快捷! Kilburn还有长达20h的续航时间 一周不充电都无所谓~并且Kilburn的特别手提式设计也可以让音箱随时出现在客厅 房间 书房~接着就是最重要的音效啦~

※ Kilburn有三个单独的旋钮调节 Volume/Bass/Trible可以根据自己的喜好和需求调节出完美的体验感! Kilburn的箱体非常的紧凑 所以音效真的超级无敌 提供了清晰的中音和极具穿透力高音的出色平衡 真的有种让自己在家也能嗨起来蹦迪或者是安静听音乐会的感觉!!!! (部分专业知识借鉴官网) 

我最近就特别喜欢在自己的小天地边放音乐泡杯好喝的红枣茶 然后看书写文什么的好久没有那么惬意啦! 真的超级推荐这款音箱啊 最近沉迷于它无法自拔 我男朋友每天都要和我挣着放音乐~如果一定要说缺点的话就是体积比一般的音箱大 而且还比较重 重达3kg 不方便带出门!(我自己拿快递的时候很绝望~)

😝 好啦今天格格的分享就到这里啦 希望大家喜欢我的分享 喜欢我的图片 比心 ღ( ´ ` ) 愿大家都有开心美好的一天 💖