Recommendations of good things for cakes (2)

❤️ Muji|Hand Blender ❤️

Muji's home appliances look good~ 

Simple design, clean and bright colors. Professional yet warm .

Clear operation buttons and product parts for easy installation and operation.  span>

It is also very convenient to disassemble and wash, it will pop up automatically when you press the button, and the operation instructions are clear..

The whole is divided into two parts: the body and the stirring head.

Simple and clear, suitable for daily use by kitchen whites.

Muji's packaging fully reflects the rigorous and tidy Japanese design. 

The inner layer is separated by cardboard, and it is wrapped with bubble wrap when going out. , to maximize the protection of electrical appliances from damage during the mailing process.

No wonderMUJI's website purchases generally do not have free shipping, and some products need to be packaged separately Fees. Attentively packaged and protected, reasonable fees are also understandable~

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❤️ Muji|手持搅拌器 ❤️


简单利落的设计,干净明亮的颜色. 专业而不失温暖.







难怪MUJI的网站购物一般不免运费,部分产品还要另外打包费. 用心的打包保护,合理收费也是可以理解的~