Amuse [1] introduced Greek yogurt, aiming to bring more nutrition and rich enjoyment to people. Compared with other high-end room temperature yogurt, Yili "Anmuxi" also has obvious characteristics. Not only is the name because of its high-end atmosphere, it comes from the Greek "Ambrosial", but also the newly developed strain of Athens Agricultural University in Greece is added, which has a strong taste and more protein, which is 35% higher than ordinary yogurt, and has a longest shelf life of six months. Chinese name Amusey Greek Yogurt sourced from Greek "Ambrosial" nature room temperature yogurt longest shelf life Six months under normal temperature sealing people suitble All ages balabala~~~ One word: good Two words: delicious Three words: so delicious Four words: super delicious Five words: really tm delicious Everyone wants to buy 2 steps 1 – remember to set the arrival notification! ! 2- Buy now Now there are three flavors: vanilla flavor, original flavor, yellow peach oatmeal flavor, (recommended to buy and try) Girls who love to drink yogurt 👧 have good skin.
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安慕希[1]引入希腊酸奶,旨在为人们带来更多营养与浓醇享受。而相比其它高端常温酸奶,伊利“安慕希”也具有明显的特色。不仅名字因为高端大气,来源于希腊的“Ambrosial”,更添加了希腊雅典农业大学最新研制的菌种,具有浓郁的口感和更多的蛋白质,比普通酸奶高出蛋白质35%,最长保质期六个月。 中文名 安慕希希腊酸奶 来源于 希腊的“Ambrosial” 性质 常温酸奶 最长保质期 常温密封下六个月 适宜人群 老少皆宜 balabala~~~ 一个字:好 两个字:好喝 三个字:真好喝 四个字:超级好喝 五个字:真tm好喝 大家想买2步骤1–切记一定要设置到货通知!! 2-立即买 现在有三种口味:香草味,原味,黄桃燕麦味,(建议都买尝试下) 爱喝酸奶的女孩子👧皮肤都很好哦.