BeautyBlender | The Best Makeup Brush and Egg Cleaner 🤗

▪️Take advantage of this timeSephoradiscount has been exchanged for another wave of Beauty BlenderBeauty Egg Cleaner~This is also the second bottle I redeemed Because it's really easy to use!

▪️This beauty egg special cleanser is really the cleanest and fastest cleaning effect I have ever used Very suitable for lazy girls!Hahaha Just wet the egg brush < /span>Put it in a fresh-keeping bag Pour in a small amount of lotion and pinch it One soak it's clean!Is it super easy?😁

▪️I personally think this exchange is worthwhilesamplevery cost-effective and durable no need to buy formal clothes again!The money saving girl is me hahahaha Recommend to Everyone!(100ptsExchange to earn!) But if you buy formal clothes, it will be a little expensive It is not expensive and worth it If not redeemed I I will repurchase the dress in the future!

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BeautyBlender | 最好用的化妆刷美妆蛋清洁🤗

▪️这次的趁着Sephora折扣又顺手兑换了一波Beauty Blender的美妆蛋清洁剂~这个也是我兑换的第二瓶了 因为真的非常的好用!

▪️这款美妆蛋专用清洁剂真的是目前用过最干净清洁效果最快的了 非常的适合懒惰少女们!哈哈哈哈 只需要把美妆蛋化妆刷打湿 放在保鲜袋里 倒入少量的洗剂捏一捏泡一泡 就干净啦!是不是超级简单呢😁

▪️我个人觉得这个兑换的sample就非常划算而且很耐用 不需要再去买正装了!省钱女孩就是我哈哈哈哈 推荐给大家!(100pts换到赚到!)但是如果买正装的话会有点儿小贵 不贵也算值得 要是没兑换了 我以后会回购正装的!