Big Pisces come to unpack the second round of the Tongdao uncle's Yami snack box! ♓️💪💪

The second bomb came a little late, and the event was over when I received the box. but! That's not the point. The point is to post the bill! right!

Compared to buying a lot of drinks last time, I bought a bunch of snacks this time. < span class="s1">(Of course, there must be drinks, but not as many as last time! Hahahaha)

There are also postcards of the same style. I am really attentive. The blue postcards are very beautiful, and I feel that the male tickets of the real earth signs are really so trustworthy? That's just a sweet pastry~

1. Innisfree Oil Control Mineral Setting Powder.

       First time With this setting powder, to be honest, things are much smaller than I thought. But small and cute, it is very suitable for carrying around, or putting it in a bag, and it does not take up space at all. There are cotton pads inside, and the cotton pads are also very comfortable. The texture of the powder is very good, you can't feel the heavy feeling of the powder when you pat it on the face, it is very light, and you don't need to use a lot, it is highly recommended!

This time there is stillwuliXiao Hei's appearance, the little guy is getting more and more Love taking pictures too.

2. Jinmei Gaoyou Ma Duck Salted Egg.

       Since the last My dad came and went to the Chinese supermarket to buy salted duck eggs, I couldn't stop loving salted duck eggs. The egg yolk of Jinmei is sufficient, and soaking in hot water for a while will add more oil (remember to soak it in hot water before eating, or brew it. It can also be boiled, but be careful not to cook for too long), It is very similar to the Gaoyou red oil salted egg that I ate when I was a child. And it's not salty, it really has the fragrance of rice dumplings. Good products at home, with rice artifact!

3. Chouling Gas Bread Fermented Beverage.

       another The taste of childhood! At first, you will not be used to the taste, but the more you drink, the better. The bread taste is not rushed, and it is still a little sweet, with a little apple fragrance. When I was in high school, my grandmother brought a few bottles when she came back from her hometown in Northeast China, saying it was a specialty. Since then, I have wanted to buy it, but I have been struggling to buy it at all. This time I was really touched by seeing it online. This drink is low-sugar and low-calorie, very healthy, and not as unpleasant as ordinary diet drinks. It can be served with BBQ, hot pot, or even instant noodles. It can be said that it is a must for home travel!

4. Lay's Potato Chips.

       Hey me No one thinks of Lay's Potato Chipssay no! My favorite cucumber flavor and original flavor, plus the new favorite spicy pot flavor this time. Although there are many tastes of Lay's in the United States, after all, it is still not as much as domestic ones. And I don't know if there is a problem with American taste, all potato chips have a common feature no matter what flavor, that is, salty! It's really salty, especially the original flavor, it's the salty that knocked over the salt jar! A small pack of original potato chips can make me drink several bottles of water, and while drinking water, I deeply miss the beauty of domestic pleasures. The potato chips I bought this time are reluctant to eat, it's like a baby ah ah ah ah ah! So the three flavors are indistinguishable, so I recommend them all! I know what lemon, blueberry, etc. other flavors are also great, I will definitely recommend it again next time I buy it!

5. Wangjiadu Gold Medal Fu Chili Sauce.

       What about me, He is a person who doesn't like Laoganma Douban chili sauce. Because no matter how you eat it, it feels a little too salty, and I don't really like the texture of the watercress in it. But this hot sauce perfectly solves this problem. The spiciness is just right, it also has the taste of watercress, the saltiness is moderate, and there is no trouble with the big beans on my tongue. There is no oil separation state like other chili sauces, a spoonful of it can be mixed with vegetables, rice, and instant noodles. It is also excellent for seasoning cooking without choking the nose. highly recommended!

Finally, I would like to thank Uncle Tongdao for giving us such a beautiful box and cute postcards (although I didn’t collect all of them, and I didn’t even have my own constellation, which is in line with my non-stop The special constitution of the chief with black face).

Thanks to Xiao Hei who still insisted on appearing but still did not look at the camerawuliXiao Hei.

I am really touched that Yami has been accompanying me as a childhood memory for so many years when I came to the United States. I hope it will get better and better, and I hope that there will be more and more domestic good products. Appear in Yami!

Finally, Merry Christmas to everyone! Happy new year!

Love you! ❤️

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大双鱼来开箱 之 同道大叔通款亚米零食箱 第二弹!♓️💪💪


相对于上次买了大堆饮料,这次我大双鱼买了一堆零食哟~ (当然了,肯定还是有饮料的,只不过没有上次那么多而已啦!哈哈哈哈)


1. 悦诗风吟控油矿物定妆散粉。



2. 金梅高邮麻鸭咸蛋。


3. 秋林格瓦斯面包发酵饮料。


4. 乐事薯片。

       呐~我想乐事薯片应该没有人会say no的吧!我最爱的黄瓜味和原味,加上这次新爱上的麻辣锅口味。美国的乐事味道虽然也很多,但是毕竟还是比不过国内的多。而且我不知道是不是美国人味觉有问题,所有的薯片不管什么味的都有一个共同的特点,那就是咸!是真的咸,尤其是原味,是打翻了盐罐子的咸!一包小小的原味薯片能让我喝好几瓶的水,一边喝水一边让我深深地怀念起国内乐事的美好。这次买的薯片我都不舍得吃,简直像宝贝一样啊啊啊啊啊啊啊!所以三个口味难分伯仲,我就全部推荐好啦!我知道还有什么柠檬味,蓝莓味等等其他口味的也很棒,下次买到我一定会再推荐的!

5. 王家渡金牌福辣酱。