ZEPETO | Meimeida pure white cute little angels are haunting💙

💫Today's editionZEPETOIt is an angel made by lovely ladies and sistersParty~Everyone is playing recentlyZEPETOIt's getting better and better The photos taken are all Super invincible beauty!And a lot of new clothes and new themes < /span>New action Very versatile

🌙Yesterdayplmm(Beautiful girls)Let's save money together and become a little rich woman togethercosA little angel!pure white dressWings and The beautiful little ears and the little halo really have the illusion of being a little one👼🏻hahahahaha!(👈🏻But I am not convinced why there are only male angels still a hair < /span>

But let's open an angel togetherpartyThe feeling of going out on the street is still full of the atmosphere of a big guy hahahahaha!It feels cute and fierce< /span>!and smallpThe background is really good. RealBeautifulReal< /span>Real la la la(˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و Awesome span>!Everyone8people partySuper fun Harmonious and beautiful🌸

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ZEPETO | 美美哒纯白可爱小天使们出没啦💙

💫今日份的ZEPETO是可爱的小姐姐们制作的天使Party~最近大家玩ZEPETO都越来越厉害了 拍出来的照片都超级无敌美!而且多了好多的新衣服新主题 新动作 非常百变呢

🌙昨天plmm(漂亮美眉)们一起攒钱当了一波小富婆一起cos了小天使!纯白的小裙子小翅膀 还有美丽的小耳朵小光环真的有种自己是个小👼🏻的错觉哈哈哈!(👈🏻不过我很不服为什么只有男天使 还是个一根毛 

不过大家一起开天使party出街的感觉还是满满的大佬气息哈哈哈哈哈!又可爱又凶的感觉!而且小p的背景真的弄的太好了 RealReal真实啦啦啦(˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و 太赞了!大家8party超开心 和谐美好的🌸