The first big plant must be this Liupo oily and spicy! ! I bought a bottle first and fell in love with it. It was so fragrant and delicious! Since then, it has been out of stock, and I have left a message several times asking for replenishment, because this bottle is almost finished soon, and I am reluctant to eat it. Finally finally! ! In stock the day before yesterday! I have quickly placed an order for five bottles! Plus Northeast pancake snail noodles and other regular items! The moment I bought it, I was so happy that I could finally let go and eat it! I hope that there will be sufficient supply in the future, and don't always run out of stock!
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第一大种草必须是这个六婆油泼辣子!! 先买了一瓶后无法自拔的爱上了,太香太好吃了! 然后就一直处于断货中,我留言好几次要求补货,因为这一瓶很快就快吃完了,都不舍得吃了。 终于终于!!前天有货啦!我已迅雷不及掩耳盗铃之势迅速下单五瓶!外加东北煎饼螺蛳粉等常备品! 买完的一瞬间实在是太开心了,终于可以放开了吃啦!希望以后一定货源充足,千万不要总断货啦!