Drop, punch the sixth day! On snowy days, the children's school is also closed, and the husband also works at home. The whole family is fried with sauce noodles and served with Liu Po's oily and spicy seeds. One bowl is not enough to eat, how to lose weight! The fried sauce is mixed with three kinds of sauces, namely dry yellow sauce, sweet noodle sauce, and soybean sauce. Added cabbage, spinach and cucumber, it sounds a lot healthier~ # 燃烧卡路里大作战 #
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滴、打卡第六天! 下雪天孩子学校也停课老公也在家上班,全家炸酱面,再配上六婆的油泼辣子,一碗不够吃,怎么减肥! 炸酱用了三种酱混合,分别是干黄酱,甜面酱,黄豆酱。 加了白菜菠菜和黄瓜,听起来健康了很多~ # 燃烧卡路里大作战 #