A good helper for fat loss ~ Buckwheat Tea

When I first came into contact with tartary buckwheat tea, I liked the taste of fried wheat, and I liked it even more after learning about the benefits of tartary buckwheat tea. This hometown-flavored buckwheat tea sold on Yami is of good quality and reasonable price. I have repurchased it several times. Today, I would like to introduce this brand to friends who are interested in purchasing.

Although buckwheat tea is called tea, it is not tea in the traditional sense. Strictly speaking, it is fried rice tea. It is made of selected buckwheat seeds and roasted processed. It does not contain caffeine and can be drunk at night. The taste is similar to Japanese brown rice tea, but it lacks the greasy feeling. Rich in nutrients, it has the functions of clearing away heat and detoxification, helping digestion, lowering blood lipids, losing weight and beautifying. This tartary buckwheat tea is a general type, not black tartary buckwheat. I heard that black tartary buckwheat has higher nutritional value, but it has not yet been found in the United States.


I usually use glass or ceramic cups, but on work days, I use a thermos cup with boiling water You can taste it in 3-5minutes. Its unique fragrance is not bitter. After the first brew, you can brew the second and third brews, and the bitterness at the bottom of the cup is reached. Buckwheat can also be eaten directly after soaking.


Bitter buckwheat tea will release a strong aroma of wheat as soon as it is flushed, and the tea color will be light yellow. After the third rush, the color will lighten slightly, but the buckwheat flavor will begin to dissipate. At this point, it's almost impossible to run anymore.



The soaked bitter buckwheat is soft and glutinous, a bit like brown rice, and can be eaten completely.


Science knowledge of buckwheat tea~~

Tartary buckwheat contains flavonoids, the main component of which is rutin. The content of rutin accounts for 7090% of total flavonoids, rutin, also known as rutin, vitaminP, has the ability to reduce capillary fragility, The effect of improving microcirculation is mainly used in clinical adjuvant treatment of diabetes and hypertension. And rutin is almost absent in other grains. Also contains 19 amino acids, 9a variety of fatty acids, dietary fiber, chlorophyll, crude protein and trace elements, the most important thing is that it does not contain sugar and cholesterol, and its nutritional value is better than ordinary foods such as wheat, corn, rice, soybeans and meat. Up.


~ Tartary buckwheat tea itself helps digestion, it is not recommended to drink on an empty stomach, otherwise diarrhea will occur.

~ People with low blood sugar are not recommended to drink more.

I buy every time5pack and stock up , drink three to four packets a month on average. Do not drink buckwheat every day, you can drink it every other day, because it has the function of clearing the intestines, it is not easy to drink more.

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