The happiest thing is that the stock is out of stock after buying it (Rampant.jpg) This time, most of them are new! ! 🌟Sweet Juice Wide Noodles: I bought 5 bags when I saw the comments so delicious that I cried, but I have only eaten one bag so far... It's not spicy, the noodles are chewy and can be boiled into a transparent paste. The seasoning is indeed a lot of oil, and the seasoning slag is also a lot. I feel that it will be more delicious if I use it to mix cold dishes or small potatoes. Will not repurchase Liao in the near future. 🌟 Brothers Hot and Sour Noodles: Very convenient, you can eat it in 2 or 3 minutes. If you don’t soak/cook for a long time, the noodles will still be chewy, and will not be as soft and textureless as the comments said. The seasoning tasted good at first, but the more you eat it, the more salty it will become... and it is a strange salty, it seems that the soy sauce is too strong? It's not boring to eat with some green vegetables. I won't be repurchasing Liao in the near future 😂 There are too many instant noodles at home 🌟 Burning tiger skin green peppers! ! ! Jujujujujuju is delicious, sour, spicy, and just right, just like the tiger skin green peppers we used to make at home. So delicious, so delicious, so delicious! ! Whether it is noodles, stir-frying, dipping dumplings, or stuttering, they are all equally excellent and can hold up all other ingredients. Buy carefully if you don't like the smell. This bottle has been eaten, and I have already repurchased two bottles. ✧*。٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و✧*。 🌟Guobed: Watching the Taiwan YouTube channel, I always heard youtuber tell me how delicious it is, so I bought it specially. Really delicious! ! Taste like corn sticks, but sweeter, with caramel shards covering the surface. At present, I only have the creamy coconut flavor, and I will wait for the replenishment to stock up + try other flavors! 🌟 Mustard Green Beans: The taste is a bit hard, not so crispy. After eating a few packets, I feel that my teeth are not very hold. . But the mustard taste is still enough! The rest is enough for me to eat for a long time, and should not repurchase. 🌟vita guava juice: delicious! Just like the guava candy in the green packaging. Drink this when you want a sweet and refreshing juice after a meal! Will repurchase! ! 🌟Kitchen scissors: It smells a little bit at first, and. . . so tight! ! ! ! You have a pair of scissors, why are you so tight! ! ! ! It's hard for me to hold it open with one hand. . . . I don't know if the kitchen scissors are deliberately designed so that they can fully utilize the effect of the sharp edge, or it is just me. . . btw I got blue, but I really want pink 🌟Zhongjing Mushroom Sauce: Just average, no feeling. . . It is the soy sauce-flavored shiitake mushrooms. The taste is dry and hard. It may be used with white porridge in the future. . . But most likely it will be forgotten in the corner of the refrigerator with my other canned cans like mustard pickled bamboo shoots. . . will not repurchase 🌟唧唧圓哓栓冓: I bought it because I like to say 唧唧唧 as a tone particle. It's average, very broken, and there is not a lot of tortoise ointment. If you want to eat turtle ointment, you might as well buy that kind of small bowl. But this one beats convenience (and a cute brand name). I'll try other flavors next time~ It's ok ❤️❤️❤️ The only repurchase! It's canned Wangzai steamed buns! Needless to say! Favorite forever! But the taste of canned and bagged is actually different, canned is more crisp and less sweet, but cans can resist cat attack :-))), bagged is more powdery and sweeter. I prefer to eat it in bags, but I really need to buy a jar to hold it or I'll be bitten and eaten by the cat. . . ❤️❤️❤️ Oh no, I also repurchased the sour soup fat beef seasoning package... Add fat beef and baby vegetables, a must... 10 minutes to eat a huge delicious golden soup fat beef... With rice The face is perfect. Fantastic I will always repurchase. In fact, my next order has already arrived 😂 It's all snacks~ I'll post a new order after I finish eating~ mua Aiyami # 买买买不会错TOP榜 # # 日常回购 # # 照片不够拿猫来凑 ## 温暖小家养成记 #
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Yamiセレクション 最开心的事情就是买完之后才断货(猖狂.jpg) 这次大部分是尝新!! 🌟流汁宽粉:看到评论一片好吃到哭我就屯了5袋,结果至今也只吃了一袋... 不算辣,粉很有嚼劲,能煮成透明的糊糊。调料确实油很多,佐料渣渣也多,感觉自己用来拌凉菜or小土豆会更好吃。近期不会回购辽。 🌟哥俩酸辣粉:很方便,2、3分钟就能吃了,不泡/煮很久的话粉还是很有嚼头的,不会像评论里说的那么软烂无质感。调味初吃起来很好,但是会越吃越咸...而且是一种怪怪的咸,貌似是酱油味过重?要配上点青菜吃才不腻。近期也不会回购辽😂家里速食面太多了 🌟火烧虎皮青椒!!!巨巨巨巨巨巨巨好吃,酸、辣、恰到好处的糊味,跟家里以前做的虎皮青椒一个味。太好吃了太好吃了太好吃了!!无论是拌面、炒菜、蘸饺子、光口吃,都是一样的优秀,能撑起所有的别的食材。不喜欢糊味的慎买。这瓶已经吃完了,已经回购两瓶了。✧*。٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و✧*。 🌟乖乖:看台湾YouTube频道,老听youtuber讲乖乖有多好吃,特意买来吃。真的好吃!!像是粟米条的口感,但是更甜,尝得出表面覆盖着的焦糖碎片。目前只吃了奶油椰子味,之后等补货了再囤货+尝试别的味道! 🌟芥末青豆:口感有点硬,不那么酥脆,吃了几包就觉得牙口不太hold得住。。但是芥末味还是足的!剩下的还够我吃很久,应该不会回购。 🌟vita芭乐汁:好喝!就跟绿色包装的那个芭乐味的糖一样的味道。吃完饭之后想喝点甜的又比较清新的果汁的时候可以喝这个!会回购!! 🌟厨房用剪刀:刚开始用有点气味,并且。。。好紧啊!!!!你一个剪刀,那么紧干嘛!!!!我单手撑开都很困难。。。。不知道是厨房剪刀故意设计成这样好让其充分发挥锋利刀刃的效果,还是只有我这一个这样。。。btw收到的是蓝色,但是我好想要粉色啊嘤嘤嘤 🌟仲景香菇酱:就一般,无感。。。就是酱油味的香菇,口感偏干硬,可能以后会用来配白粥吧。。。但是最大的可能性还是会和我那些其他的无感的榨菜腌笋之类的罐头一起放在冰箱角落被遗忘。。。不会回购 🌟唧唧龟苓膏:因为很喜欢说唧唧唧当语气词所以才买😂一般,很碎,龟苓膏膏体没有很多,想吃龟苓膏的不如去买那种小碗装的。但这个胜在方便(和牌子名字可爱)。下次会再试试别的口味~还是可以的 ❤️❤️❤️唯一回购的!是罐装旺仔小馒头!还用说吗!永远的最爱!但是罐装的和袋装的口感其实有差,罐装的更干脆,不那么甜,但是罐子可以抵御猫的攻击:-))),袋装的更粉更奶甜。我更喜欢吃袋装的,但是我真的需要买个罐子来装,不然会全部被猫咬碎吃掉。。。 ❤️❤️❤️哦不,还回购了酸汤肥牛调味包... 加肥牛加娃娃菜,一绝.... 10分钟就能吃上巨美味的金汤肥牛... 配饭配面都一绝。太棒了我永远回购。 其实我下一单都已经到货了😂全是零食~等吃完了再来晒新单吧~mua爱亚米 # 买买买不会错TOP榜 # # 日常回购 # # 照片不够拿猫来凑 ## 温暖小家养成记 #