ᗪEᑕOᖇTE | Summer favorite perilla water, cool, calm and soothing💜💟


▪️Summer is here, and another bottle of Coco Perilla Water I really like it since I used it last summer! This time, the perilla high-performance lotion is 300ml It's a little different from the one I bought before, it's plastic texture It's not so goodThe Japanese version of my friend who went to Japan before was a glass bottle The texture and workmanship are better!

▪️But none of that matters. < /span>The important thing is that the things inside are unchangedokla span>👌Coco Perilla Water uses mint leaf extract🌿 Rose Petals Frankincense and most importantly Perilla leaves! Perilla water is soothing and calming Keratin metabolism The function of purifying pores! Moisturizes and locks in moisture Maintains healthy skin< span class="s3"> Accelerates exfoliation of dead skin cells Removes excess dirt Penetrates the essence of the skin!~

▪️I think this perilla water is very suitable for combination and oily skin and is generally used as a wet compress in summer< /span> or after sun exposure!Applying to the face is cool and cool and very comfortable can quickly cool down < /span>Maintains skin stability Taste is light mint and perilla< /span> Love the taste Make people quiet and calm! In summer, you can also pour a cotton pad on your face as the first primer!

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ᗪEᑕOᖇTE | 夏日最爱的紫苏水 清凉镇定又舒缓💜💟


▪️夏天到了又入了一瓶黛珂紫苏水 自从去年夏天用过之后就真的很喜欢咯! 这次紫苏高机能化妆水入得300ml 和之前买的那个材质有点儿不一样是塑料的 质感没有辣么好之前朋友去日本代的日版的是玻璃瓶的 质感和做工都好一些!

▪️不过这些也都不太重要啦 重要的是里面的东西是不变的就ok👌黛珂紫苏水选用了薄荷叶精华🌿 玫瑰花瓣 乳香以及最重要的紫苏叶! 紫苏水具有舒缓镇定 角质代谢 净化毛孔的功能! 能够保湿锁水 维护肌肤健康 加速老角质脱落 去除多余污垢 渗透精华层层肌肤!~

▪️这款紫苏水我觉得非常的适合混油皮和油皮一般用来夏天湿敷 或者晒后修复!敷上脸清清凉凉很舒服 能够快速降温 保持皮肤稳定性 味道是淡淡的薄荷味和紫苏味 很喜欢这个味道 让人安静镇定! 夏天也可以倒化妆棉上涂脸上当做第一步打底!

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