ᔕᕼIᔕEIᗪO | High-efficiency penetrating hair mask Say goodbye to dry frizz


▪️A New Conditioner for Old Things/< /span>Hair mask! This is also from some time ago I remember ~Shiseido's red jar hair mask is believed to be familiar to every girl span>Feel a jar of hand!Super cost-effective conditioner Hair mask Affordable ! After using it for a long time, I finally switched to a conditioner Now it's back!  span>

▪️SHISEIDO FINOHigh-Performance Restorative Hair Mask< /span> Also suitable for damaged hair And is alsoCOSMEFirst Product☝ 🏻This hair mask contains seven beauty premium serums with lock Hydrating/Moisturizing/Soft Shine/Strong Roots/ Hair firming, color protection and long-lasting benefits! 

▪️I find it suitable for permed hair after personal use Easy and quick to use After shampooing, apply the mask evenly< /span> Massage and Rub5 Minutes to help penetrate and moisturize! Hair is soft and tangled after use < /span>Super good comb!Only long hair will use a lot more Consumes fast !

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ᔕᕼIᔕEIᗪO | 高效浸透发膜 跟干枯毛躁说拜拜👋🏻💁🏻


▪️旧物拜拜之全新护发素/发膜! 这个也是前段时间入的我记得~资生堂的红罐子发膜相信每个女孩子都不陌生吧 感觉人手一罐!超高性价比的护发素发膜 物美价廉! 之前用了很长时间终于换了一个护发素 现在又换回来了! 

▪️SHISEIDO FINO高效沁透修复发膜 也被适合受损发质 并且也是COSME大赏第一位产品☝🏻这款发膜含七种美容顶级精华液 具有锁水保湿/沁透保湿/柔亮光泽/强韧发根/毛发紧实护色持久的功效! 

▪️个人使用后觉得很适合烫染发质 使用简单快捷 清洗掉洗发水后上发膜涂抹均匀 按摩揉搓5分钟帮助渗透滋润! 使用后头发很柔顺不打结 超好梳!只是长发的话用量会多很多 消耗起来很快 !

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