So crispy so crispy~ The more you chew, the more fragrant it is! I ate several pieces before I knew it, and I couldn't stop one bite at all. I bought a similar sesame cake in a Vietnamese supermarket before. Although it is very crispy, this one is not so greasy. I feel a little guilty if I eat too much 🤫🤫🤣# 相见恨晚的满分零食 #
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好酥好酥~越嚼越香!不知不觉就吃了好几块,一口一个根本停不下来。之前在越南超市买过类似的芝麻酥,虽然都很酥,但这款没有那么油腻,吃多了最多就是有点罪恶感🤫🤫🤣# 相见恨晚的满分零食 #