㊙️ secret weapon in the kitchen - save the toast 🍞 battle! ————————————————————— Ovens are now a very common kitchen appliance~ Many people will also buy a small oven to make cakes or gourmet food~ Today I use the oven to make a delicious snack that I can't stop eating~ • Crispy Toast Bars • American 🇺🇸 whole wheat toast generally has a very short shelf life🤨 And the extra large package often expires soon after eating it... So how do you get rid of these toasts quickly? 🍞 That is to bake it! Toast bars with butter and caster sugar light up in minutes, it's not a dream! Any toast can be delicious even if it is air-dried~ I don't have a ratio of all the ingredients, the amount is more or less, just feel free hahaha 😂 First, melt the butter into a liquid in the microwave, and then cut the toast into thin strips~ Use a food brush to spread butter on toast sticks and sprinkle with granulated sugar! Both sides of the toast need to do the above steps! Don't forget~ Spread the butter and sprinkle with sugar, it will stick to it and won't fall off~ I use the oven air fryer function ➕ fan to preheat 190 for 10 minutes ✅ It is also possible to use normal mode without these two functions. Be sure to pay attention to the degree of coloring of the toast to adjust the oven temperature! ! The baked toast is so crispy that it can't stop without friends~ What kind of small biscuits are also bought, and it is enough to bake toast by yourself! 😂😂 However, the toast is too hot, but you should eat it in moderation and don't be too greedy~ If you can't finish the toast at home or it's about to expire 🍞 bake it~ In an instant, it’s all in seconds 😂 I’m not afraid that I won’t be able to finish it all by myself! # 相见恨晚的满分零食 # # 亚米真的6 # # 下厨秘密武器 # # 温暖小家养成记 # # 亚米厨房 #
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厨房里的㊙️密武器——拯救吐司🍞大作战! ———————————————————— 烤箱现在也算是很普遍的厨房家电了~ 很多人也会买个小烤箱平时做做蛋糕或美食~ 今天我用烤箱做个好吃停不下嘴的小零食~ • 香脆吐司条 • 美国🇺🇸的全麦吐司普遍保质期都超短的🤨 并且又超大一包常常还没吃完它马上就要过期… 那要如何快速消灭这些吐司呢?🍞那就是烤它! 加了黄油和细砂糖的吐司条分分钟秒光它不是梦! 任何吐司都可以就算是风干了的吐司也能秒变美味~ 我没有比例所有食材量多量少随意就好哈哈哈😂 首先微波炉融化黄油成液体再将吐司切条别太细~ 用食物刷将黄油涂抹在吐司条上最后撒上砂糖! 吐司的两面都需要做以上这个步骤哦!不要忘记了~ 抹了黄油再撒糖就会自己沾在上面不会掉下来的~ 我用烤箱空气炸锅功能➕风扇预热190烤10分钟✅ 没有这两个功能没有关系的用普通模式也是可以 一定要注意⚠️吐司上色的程度来调整烤箱温度!! 烤好的吐司香酥脆到没朋友好吃的根本停不下来~ 还买什么小饼干以后只要自己烤吐司就足以!😂😂 不过烤吐司太上火了还是要适量食用不要太贪心啦~ 家里要是又吃不完或者快过期的吐司🍞烤一烤~ 瞬间就秒光😂完全不怕自己一个人会不吃不完啦! # 相见恨晚的满分零食 # # 亚米真的6 # # 下厨秘密武器 # # 温暖小家养成记 # # 亚米厨房 #