CPB skin key🎄2018 Christmas limited powder Alice Holiday series is really delicious fried chicken fried chicken ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Not much to say about the appearance. I just started using it two days ago, and it feels really good. Unlike other powders, this one is more powdery, and the face is soft and pink. There is shimmer, not obvious, and the overall matte surface is slightly matte. The makeup effect is simply superb! Personally feel better than Givenchy loose powder! The power of invisible pores is invincible, and the oil control effect is also OK. My loose powder brush is a little dirty these days, and I haven't had time to clean it. I used the matching powder, which is not easy to use, very thin and soft. However, I accidentally found that this powder is very light and thin, unlike canmake, if you use the powder directly, it will make the makeup look very heavy. Heartbroken history: I want to get it at Christmas time, my family 🐷 said to buy it for me when I return to China during the winter vacation. As a result, he later regretted it, on the grounds that I already had a new one and couldn't waste it. It's a pity that I don't have the extra RMB to buy it myself. As a result, he was taken off the official website ah ah ah... crying! anger! So sad. Then I suddenly thought that Taobao might have it in stock, but I waited for two months and it didn't arrive! The unexpected joy is that Yami is in stock, but I really want it to be more expensive than the official website? ? It's okay, it's the Japanese version anyway. Spent 💰129.99, finally got it at Yami Hahahaha✌️ With picture: Finally, a piece of Givenchy limited loose powder bought for Christmas is included, just because of it! I've waited so long Alice! snort! #晒单闪现抢积分 # #趁着春光去旅行 # #0Placeholder_for_esaay_translation8a0214338eea4107ae
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Yamiセレクション CPB 肌肤之钥🎄2018圣诞限定蜜粉 爱丽丝假日系列真的炒鸡炒鸡美腻啊啊啊啊🥳有木有 颜值就不多说了。这两天刚开始用,使用感真的赞。和其他蜜粉不同的是这款比较偏粉,上脸粉嫩粉嫩的。有微光,不明显,总体偏雾面哑光感。持妆效果简直一级棒!个人感觉比纪梵希散粉好用!隐形毛孔的威力无敌了,控油效果也很OK。 我散粉刷这两天有些脏了,还没来得及清洗,用的是配套的粉饼,不好用,很薄很软。不过我意外发现这个蜜粉很轻薄,不像canmake,直接用粉饼的话会显得妆感很厚重。 剁手心酸史: 圣诞的时候就想收,我家🐷说等寒假回国给我买。结果他后来反悔了,理由是我已经有一个新的了,不能浪费。可恨我没有多余的人民币自己买。结果,他就在官网下架了啊啊啊…痛哭!生气! 太难过了。然后我突然想到淘宝可能有货,结果我等了两个月都没到货!意外之喜是亚米上货了,不过好想比官网贵??没事儿,反正是日版。花了💰129.99,终于在亚米把它收了啊哈哈哈✌️ 配图:最后配了一张圣诞购入的纪梵希限定散粉,就是因为它!我才等了这么久爱丽丝!哼! # 晒单闪现抢积分 # # 趁着春光去旅行 # # 亚米真的6 #