Spring Pink Beauty CPB Limited Edition Powder I finally got my coveted cpb alice limited edition pressed powder! The beauty of CPB's products has never been said. When the Solitaire series was first launched, I was really excited, I really wanted to all in! I finally got the powder cake I was thinking about, and just opened it and cried! The shell inside is pink and retro, with a tiffany green flannel cover, and the printing is the theme of playing cards. This one looks a bit pinker than the regular version, with a fine shimmer. This powder is a honey powder, mainly used for touch-up. But it's so beautiful I don't want to use it! # 春日粉色即正义 ## 晒单闪现抢积分 #
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Yamiセレクション 春日粉色美物之CPB限量粉饼 我终于得到梦寐以求的cpb爱丽丝限量粉饼了! CPB家产品的颜值一直都没话说。纸牌系列刚上市时真的超级心动,好想all in!心心念念的粉饼终于到手,刚打开刹那美哭!里面的壳子粉嫩复古,还带tiffany绿的绒布套,印花是扑克牌主题。 这款看上去比普通版看上去更粉一些,带细闪。这款粉饼是蜜粉饼,主要用来补妆用。不过这么美实在不舍得用! # 春日粉色即正义 ## 晒单闪现抢积分 #