Sephora's annual VIB Sale 20% off event has ended, come and share the Sephora I love 🌸First of all, Estee Lauder's small brown bottle essence is really worth repurchasing and super recommended. It is a gel-like liquid, with lotion, slowly spread from the inside out, from bottom to top, and then gently tap until the skin is completely absorbed, moisturizing It works great! Resist skin aging and oxidation, fight dry lines and fine lines, maintain skin health while moisturizing, brighten skin tone, and you will really fall in love with her after using one bottle 💓 🌸 Then there is the "universal" face cream used after the small brown bottle essence - Estee Lauder Multi-effect Zhiyan Essence Cream, ice cream texture, rich in prickly pear essence and "miracle tree" Moringa seed essence, while moisturizing and locking in water , strengthens the skin barrier, rejuvenates and smoothes wrinkles; the rich RevitaKey compound ingredients promote collagen production, make skin elastic and shiny, improve roughness and dullness, and it is also my favorite 💓 🌸fresh's black tea mask, known as "first aid mask", replenishes moisture for dehydrated skin, moisturizes and locks in water, and the moisturizing degree is amazing! Not only makes the skin clear and delicate, but also plump and radiant! It has been scientifically proven that "after using the black tea anti-wrinkle firming repair mask, the skin instantly becomes watery and clear, and the effect lasts for 6 hours", I sometimes use it as a night cream and apply a cool, easy-to-use and comfortable 🌸 The YSL gold tube and black tube that we chased in those years, love the most beautiful dry rose black tube #407#! In addition to the gold tube and black tube, Sephora's silver tube is highly recommended. The black tube 407 is highly pigmented, whitening without picking skin tone, and adding cream essence ingredients that last for a long time without fading, super moisturizing. There is also golden tube #16#, super beautiful rose red, playful and cute, the paste is smooth, the color is full, and there is no pressure on the yellow skin, giving you sexy lips💓 # 春日面膜打卡 # # 百万积分第六季 # # 0Placeholder_for_esaay_translation9d9cef385c2314ffa1810 #
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Yamiセレクション Sephora的年度VIB Sale全场八折的盛典已经结束啦,快快来分享我爱的丝芙兰 🌸首先,雅诗兰黛的小棕瓶精华真的是值得无限回购也值得超级推荐,凝胶状的液体,搭配乳液由内向外、由下向上慢慢涂抹开后轻轻拍打至肌肤完全吸收,保湿效果非常棒!抵御肌肤老化氧化,对抗干纹细纹,柔润保湿的同时维持肌肤健康,提亮肤色,一瓶用了就会真的爱上她💓 🌸然后就是用于小棕瓶精华之后的“万能”面霜-雅诗兰黛多效智妍精华霜,冰淇淋质地,富含仙人果精粹和“奇迹之树”的辣木籽精粹,在补水锁水的同时,强化肌肤屏障,焕活抚纹;富含的RevitaKey复合成分,促进胶原蛋白生成,令肌肤弹性有光泽,改善粗糙黯沉,也是我的心头爱💓 🌸fresh 的black tea面膜 ,号称“急救面膜”,为缺水肌肤补充水分,保湿锁水,滋润度超赞!不仅让肌肤清透细腻,并且饱满有光泽!经科学验证“使用红茶抗皱紧致修护面膜后肌肤瞬间变得水滢剔透,效果长达6小时”,我有时候拿来当晚霜,敷上凉凉的,好用又舒服💓 🌸 那些年我们追过的YSL金管跟黑管,超爱号称最美的干燥玫瑰色黑管#407#!除了金管黑管,还有Sephora的银管都超值得推荐,黑管407高度显色,显白不挑肤色,并且加入乳霜精华成分持久不掉色,超级滋润。还有金管#16#,超美的玫瑰红色,俏皮可爱,膏体润滑,颜色饱满,黄皮素颜都毫无压力,给你性感双唇💓 # 春日面膜打卡 # # 百万积分第六季 # # 沉迷口红 日渐好看 #