🌸///Pink Primer ///🌸 # 春日粉色即正义 Dior's makeup primer was previously planted by beauty bloggers But it doesn't feel very useful Liquidity is more A little oily after application, a little muddy with the follow-up base makeup The fragrance is quite advanced, but I don't feel that there are too many surprises and desire to repurchase, and the price/performance ratio is not too high Everyone is still planting grass rationally 🌱 Thanks for watching 🙏🏻
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🌸///粉色妆前乳///🌸 # 春日粉色即正义 ## 达人推荐 # # 百万积分第六季 # Dior这款妆前乳是之前被美妆博主种草入的 不过感觉不是太好用 流动性还阔以 涂上以后有点泛油光 跟后续的底妆有点搓泥 香味倒是蛮高级 就是没感觉有太大的惊喜 和回购的欲望 性价比也不是太高 大家还是理性种草呦🌱 谢谢观看🙏🏻