Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv With Crazy Calling

This time at the eventMacy's I bought a long-established liquid foundation. The previous one Double Wear finally used up crying, and my dry skin needs moisturizing urgently. Type liquid foundation, this platinum skin nourishing liquid foundation claims to be a skin care product, after a day of use, the skin can also be maintained, it sounds very attractive.

With its own pump, it is much more convenient to use!





I personally really like this foundation, it's aDouble Wear has improved the problem of Double's sticking powder, very moisturizing, very natural on the face, concealer effect Fair, durable. For dry skin, it is more suitable than the previous one!

Feeling: Liquid Foundation RatioDouble wearFlow It has strong properties and is closer to liquid. It can be used directly after washing your face. The skin can also breathe and is very moisturizing. Gently smearing a layer can cover light acne marks and small freckles.


After pushing it off, it has a glossy feeling and comes with glitter, and the skin looks really young and pink.

Shade selection: After learning from the previous lesson, I chose this platinum liquid foundation1C1, the white tone is white, it should be the whitest color number. Compared with 1W1, this liquid is indeed pinkish, and the upper face is not that kind of false white, it is true< /span>·Invigorating.

The color number of

1C1 needs to wait for replenishment on the official website. AtMacy'sOccasionally brushed, very white fairies remember to pay more attention.

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疯狂打call的Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv

这次在Macy‘s的活动里购入的一款种草已久的粉底液,之前那款Double Wear总算哭着用完,干皮急需滋润型粉底液,这款白金养肤粉底液号称是一款护肤品,在一天的使用后,皮肤还可以得到养护,听起来就很吸引。






我个人真的非常喜欢这款粉底液,算是Double Wear的升级版,改善了Double的卡粉问题,很滋润,上脸非常自然,遮瑕效果尚可,持久度强。对于干皮来说,使用起来比之前那款适合多啦!

使用感受:粉底液比Double wear的流动性强,更接近液体,可以在洗脸后直接使用,皮肤也能够呼吸,而且很滋润,轻轻抹上一层能够遮住淡淡的痘印,小雀斑也可以遮住。





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