🌸 This set of travel mini lipsticks was redeemed at Sephora last year. I completely forgot how many points. It should be 4-digit points. 😑 A set of 8 sticks, each 7g, comes with a small round box. Bring a small mirror~ It is very convenient to travel with this set, and it does not take up space at all. 🌸 Trèstique is a very niche brand. It is an American brand. The characteristic of this brand is that their products are mainly designed to simplify women's daily makeup, so most of them are easy to carry, and some products are multi-purpose. 🌸 This set of mini lipsticks has a matte texture, but it is not dry on the lips at all, and the taste is a bit strange, similar to the smell of crayons; Figure 7⃣️8⃣️ corresponds to the color test from left to right, the color numbers are: 1⃣️Nantucket Nude, 2⃣️Florence Fig, 3⃣️Costa Rica Coral, 4⃣️Nammos Pink, 5⃣️Chile Red, 6⃣️Barcelona Bright Berry, 7⃣️Belize Bordeaux and 8⃣️Tuscan Wine; except for 2⃣️5⃣️7⃣️8⃣️, which can only be used at home 🤪 # 春日粉色即正义 # # 百万积分第六季 #
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🌸这套旅行装迷你口红是去年在丝芙兰积分兑换来的,具体多少积分完全忘记了,应该是4位数的积分😑一套共8支,每只7g,外带一个圆形小盒子,自带小镜子~旅行带着这一套特别方便,一点也不占地方。 🌸 Trèstique这个牌子特别小众,它是个美国品牌,这个牌子的特色是,他们的产品主要设计是简为了简化女性日常化妆,所以大部分都是便于携带,并且有些产品一件多用。 🌸这套迷你唇膏笔是哑光质地,但是上嘴一点也不干,味道有点奇怪, 类似蜡笔的味道;图7⃣️8⃣️对应从左至右试色,色号为:1⃣️Nantucket Nude,2⃣️Florence Fig、3⃣️Costa Rica Coral、4⃣️Nammos Pink、5⃣️Chile Red、6⃣️Barcelona Bright Berry、7⃣️Belize Bordeaux和8⃣️Tuscan Wine;除了2⃣️5⃣️7⃣️8⃣️可以用,其他只能在家玩🤪 # 春日粉色即正义 # # 百万积分第六季 #