Today, my daughter had a field trip. It was the first time I went to my daughter's school, chaperone. I went to the farm with my children. Everything was good except for sore legs! The weather was suitable for neither cold nor hot, so I rode a tractor, touched horses, fed sheep, watched a lot of animals, and learned a lot. The coat is a sister and brother model bought from Taobao, and the brother is blue, see the last picture. Store: Blue Elephant Children's Clothing Store. Half-sleeve Uniqlo macaron cooperation, pants justice, shoes asics are very comfortable. Thinkbaby for sun protection today. # 趁着春光去旅行 # # 防晒我选它 # # 0Placeholder_for_esaay_translationa0800d8c0fc84bc7b64
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今天女儿field trip,第一次去女儿学校chaperone,跟着孩子们一起去了农场,除了腿酸一切都不错! 天气适宜不冷不热,坐了拖拉机,摸了马喂了羊,还看了很多动物,学了很多知识。 外套是淘宝买的姐弟款,弟弟是蓝色,见最后图。店铺:蓝色小象童装店。 半袖优衣库马卡龙合作款,裤子justice,鞋子asics很舒服。 防晒今天用的thinkbaby。 # 趁着春光去旅行 # # 防晒我选它 # # 春日粉色即正义 #