Affordable Electric Toothbrush - Philips Sonicare Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

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🌟Philips Sonicare Series 2 The handle ratio of an electric toothbrush Essenceseries are slim for better grip, smooth handle, only one button on the body, with switch and adjustable vibration speed function, and the brush head uses a brush head that can remove plaque, and comes with a charging base.










🌟One-click activation, up to31000 per minute times of sonic vibrations, which can remove up to 6 times than a typical toothbrush It is easy to replace the brush head, just pull out the old brush head and insert the new brush head, there is no gap in the replacement brush head, it will not be likeEssenceEssenceEssence span>The series of toothbrushes are more convenient and hygienic due to mold growth caused by water ingress.




🌟HasSmartimerfunction, which means that the electric toothbrush will count 2 minutes after it is activated, allowing you to develop enough brushing time. good habits. The initial use of the 14 times, the designed vibration will be relatively weak, in order to let the people who are just starting to use the electric toothbrush gradually adapt to the Vibration, which will intensify after 14 uses.

🌟It also has a charging prompt. When the power is about to run out, the toothbrush will flash red light to indicate that the toothbrush is about to run out of power. , it can be used for up to two weeks on a single charge, the voltage is 110-220V, the voltage is universal, very convenient and easy to use.







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平价电动牙刷-飞利浦 Sonicare 可充电电动牙刷


🌟Philips Sonicare Series 2 电动牙刷的手柄比Essence系列纤细,所以更好抓握,手柄很光滑,机身只有一个按钮,具有开关和调节震动速度功能,而刷头选用了能去除牙菌斑的刷头, 配有一个充电底座。