Happy 520 to all the little fairies! \(//∇//)\ Today I am very lonely.. Who would have thought that my boyfriend would have to work in 520! ! How cruel! Now I am wandering in the mall alone... 👻👻 I went to the Gap fitting room and tried two dresses hahaha, one is very fancy and blingbling, the other feels a bit literary, I feel like doing presentations or interviews is very suitable!
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祝各位小仙女520快乐!\(//∇//)\ 今天的我很孤独..谁能想到520我男朋友居然要工作!!真残酷!现在的我一个人在商场里游荡...👻👻 跑去Gap试衣间,试了两条裙子哈哈哈,一条很fancy,blingbling,一条感觉有点文艺,感觉做prensentation或者面试,都很适合!