🥤Delicious enough to fly · Starbucks🥤 #这些饮品好喝到飞起 Starbucks had a crystal ball before Mainly green The cream is sprinkled with a lot of glittery candies The shape is very beautiful, reminiscent of the green grass in spring and the sparkling lake surface~ Generally speaking, the taste is very sweet ~ sweet-loving stars should love this drink! Thanks for watching 🙏🏻
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Yamiセレクション 🥤好喝到飞起的·星巴克🥤 # 这些饮品好喝到飞起 ## 达人推荐 # # 百万积分第六季 # 星巴克之前出了一个crystal ball 以绿色为主色调 奶油上撒了好多亮晶晶✨的糖粒儿 造型很漂亮 让人想起春天的青草地 波光粼粼的湖面~ 味道总的来讲就是很甜~嗜甜星人应该很爱这款饮品啦! 谢谢观看🙏🏻