New York Chinatown Food 🥙 Instantly kill Xi'an's famous Roujiamo! ————————————————————— Store name Spicy Village Dafuxing Henan Braised Noodle Restaurant Coordinates 📍68 Forsyth St B, NY 10002 (Cash Only/Sunday Close) • Originally, I went to Dapanji, but I didn't expect to be convinced by Roujiamo! 😆 The chicken you🐔 has been marinated in advance➕ fried so it is already very tasty~ The cumin taste that is not slow-cooked is very strong and the taste is still very fragrant! I added an extra hand-rolled noodle. I personally like this noodle very much~ I just love the thick feeling of handmade ones hahaha 🌝 🐂Rougao🥙We recommend it on the wall👌🏻Please go and eat it! The hot bite just came to the table, and the outer skin was "clicky" and crispy! There is not much meat filling, but the smell of butter is very satisfying and fragrant to the point of getting drunk! Not a bit of greasy feeling goes with the crispy crust.  … I used to love Xi'an's famous food, Roujiamo, and now I have a new love! ! There is nothing special about the three-piece cold salad with kelp and cucumber 🥒Vegetarian chicken~ As long as there is Roujiamo 🥙, you can hold up a piece of the sky haha! 🤪 The location of this small shop is not much, and it is relatively small and the main noodles are affordable~ # 全球好货装进家 # # 拜托了冰箱 # # 我要当测评官第7期 # # 纽约吃喝玩乐 # # 三食三餐 #
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纽约唐人街美食🥙秒杀西安名吃的肉夹馍! ————————————————————— 店名 Spicy Village 大福星河南烩面馆 坐标📍68 Forsyth St B, NY 10002 (Cash Only/Sunday Close) • 原本冲着大盘鸡去没想到被肉夹馍折服!😆 鸡you🐔事先有卤➕炸过所以已经很入味~ 不是慢炖出来的孜然味很重味道还是很香的! 额外加了份手擀面我个人很喜欢这个面~ 就爱吃手工制作的那种厚实的感觉哈哈哈🌝 🐂肉夹馍🥙捶墙推荐👌🏻请你们一定要去吃! 刚上桌热乎乎的一口咬下去外皮“咔滋”脆! 肉馅不多但是牛油的香味异常满足香到醉了! 一点油腻的感觉都没有搭配酥脆的外皮简直了… 以前最爱西安名吃肉夹馍我现在换新欢了!! 凉拌三拼有海带丝黄瓜🥒素鸡没有特别之处~ 只要有肉夹馍🥙就可以撑起一片天了哈哈!🤪 这家小店位置不多比较小主打烩面经济实惠~ # 全球好货装进家 # # 拜托了冰箱 # # 我要当测评官第7期 # # 纽约吃喝玩乐 # # 三食三餐 #