Yami 특선
# 三食三餐 #The fried dumplings with crystal flowers are good-looking and delicious In order to lose weight, I dare to order greasy, high-calorie breakfast. At the same time tired of eating bread, eggs and milk, the stomach has missed the taste of China too much. Frozen dumplings, you can choose any flavor you like from Asian supermarkets. Arrange loosely on a nonstick pan. Add oil and water, turn on the fire first, and boil the water. Then open the fire and wait for the dumplings to be cooked slowly, and the oil slowly bakes the bottom surface. Cover the pot during this process. When there is still a little oil and water left, take 3ml of starch and dissolve it with 50ml of cold water, pour it into the pot and continue to cook. During this process, remove the lid of the pot. ——💫 is the process of blooming crystal flowers. Lastly, add sesame seeds and green onions before serving. Slightly over heat to fry for a bit of flavor. 🎊🎀🎊 Here comes the point 1⃣️If you use oil, you should spread it lightly on the surface of the pot. The water should cover half of the dumplings. 2⃣️Boil water on high heat, then turn to low heat. A lid is required throughout. 3⃣️Wait for a shallow layer of water and oil to mix in the pot, then add starch. 4⃣️The starch is dissolved in cold water and poured into the pot. 5⃣️ Turn on the fire and fry the water starch with the last water and oil until it blooms. 6⃣️Watch the flow of water and keep turning the pot.
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Yami 특선 # 三食三餐 #结起晶花的煎饺好看才能好吃 为了减肥,早餐才敢点油腻,高热量的。同时吃腻了面包、鸡蛋和牛奶,胃已经太想念中国味道。 速冻饺子,可以选亚洲超市随你喜欢的任何口味。松松排列在不粘锅上。 加油和水,先开大火,煮开水。然后开文火等着慢慢水煮熟饺子,油慢慢烤底面。此过程加锅盖。 等着油和水还剩一点点的时候,取3ml淀粉用50ml冷水化开,倒进锅里继续煮。此过程全部掀开锅盖。——💫是开晶花的过程。 最后,起锅前加芝麻和葱。稍稍过火煎出点香味。 🎊🎀🎊重点来了 1⃣️油的话,要浅浅铺在锅面的感觉。水要漫过饺子一半。 2⃣️大火煮开水,然后转文火。全程需要锅盖。 3⃣️等待锅内剩浅浅一层水油混合之后,加入淀粉。 4⃣️淀粉用冷水化开,倒进进锅里。 5⃣️开大火,用最后的水和油把水淀粉煎到开花。 6⃣️看水分的流动,不停转动锅子。