Yami 특선
RV overnight experience Because I have seen very strange homestays on airnbn before! I'm very interested, I want to try it But when you open airnbn to find a house, it has an option: unique house. After choosing, a variety of very strange homestays came out. Such as RVs, tents⛺️, cabins in the woods and more! Really super cute! My pick: $86 a night. The price is affordable~ Because you drive by yourself, there is no problem of inconvenient location. Advantages 😚: very cute, very beautiful, super suitable for taking pictures 📷! The price is also very affordable. Highly rated. The built-in is also good, the bed is very easy to sleep two people, it should be Queen size. The host is nice and has a good attitude. Disadvantages 🤦🏻‍♀️: Because it is an RV, the air circulation is average, the air conditioner is on, and the sound is super loud! But if you don't open it, it happens to rain at night, and you can't open the window, it will be very stuffy! Then the bathroom is very, very small! And a little dirty! No hot water yet! Just going crazy! Then the toilet 🚽 is not a flushing toilet, it is a bit like the toilet on an airplane, but it is lower, and then it is collected 💩 under the toilet, and the 💩 of the previous resident has not been cleaned, so it is very smelly! The toilet is very shadowy 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ In short, it's good to experience rv, but I will never want to live again in this life! I don't know how the 4.5 stars on airbnb came from! I only give three at most! # 趁着春光去旅行 # # 我要当测评官第9期 # # 0Placeholder_for_esaay_translationfa0386cc35e84a72aad532cdea4
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Yami 특선 房车一宿体验 因为之前看到过airnbn上有很奇特的民宿!就很感兴趣,很想尝试一下~ 但是打开airnbn寻找房子的时候,它有一个选项:unique house。选择后就出来了各式各样很奇特的民宿。比如房车、帐篷⛺️、林中小屋等等!真的超可爱! 我选的这个:86刀一晚。价格实惠~因为自己开车,所以不存在地理位置方不方便的问题。 优点😚:很可爱、很漂亮、超级适合拍照📷!价格也很实惠。评价很高。内置也还不错、床睡两个人很轻松,应该是Queen size。host人不错,态度很好。 缺点🤦🏻‍♀️:因为是房车、所以空气流通一般,开着空调,声音超级大!但是不开的话,晚上碰巧下雨,没办法开窗,会很闷!然后浴室非常非常小!而且有点脏!还没有热水!简直要疯掉了!然后马桶🚽,并不是冲水马桶,有点像飞机上的马桶,但是更low,然后它是统一把💩收集在马桶下面,并且上个住户的💩都没有清理,所以很臭!上厕所很有阴影🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ 总之,去体验一下rv是很不错的,但是这辈子都不会想要再住了!不知道airbnb上的4.5颗星怎么来的!我顶多只给三颗! # 趁着春光去旅行 # # 我要当测评官第9期 # # 百万积分第7季 #