❣Life❣Start a refreshing day 👔 | HELMM ❥My husband wears a shirt to work, and he has to work outdoors recently, and he sweats too easily in summer. Every time he comes home with a manly scent, I feel embarrassed! Today, I would like to introduce HELMM Advanced Antiperspirant Body Balm! 😚 out of the box ❥ What I received is a nice blue cardboard box with a simple and exquisite leather outer packaging and a paste, which looks advanced and generous! 🤩 Instructions ❥ The method of use is very simple, just put the paste into the shell and it is done. When you need to use it, you can turn the lower end of the bottle, you can easily turn the paste out, the design is very convenient, it won't turn out some brands but can't turn back! 👩🏻‍🔬 experience feelings ❥ After getting the real product, I really feel that I am not disappointed! The scent I received was TRAILBLAZER, the fresh citrus bergamot I love, and the finish was uplifting. It is definitely a smell that boys and girls will like, and it feels advanced in an instant! 🎁 ❥ After applying this creamy antiperspirant deodorant, it will turn into a dry powder after a few seconds, without the slightest stickiness, so it is not stuffy at all. 🌹 Summarize ❥I think antiperspirant products are what everyone needs. Generally speaking, my husband and I like this antiperspirant body balm. The packaging is really textured! Girls who like neutral flavors can also try it! But this one is a little heavier and not very convenient to carry. Fortunately, the smell is very long-lasting, so in fact, you can apply it once before going out! 🌱 ❥ However, the case I received has a big disadvantage, that is, if I pick up the whole case upside down, the cover will fall vertically, and it is a little disappointing that the cover is not tight... If this problem can be improved, it will be perfect! 🍀 # 燃烧卡路里大作战 # # 清透妆容 # # 百万积分第7季 # # 开学第一单 #
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❣生活❣開啓清爽的每一天 👔 | HELMM ❥我老公上班時都要穿著恤衫,最近都要在戶外工作,而夏季太容易出汗,每次他回到家全身散髮十足的男人味,我都感到很尷尬!今天給大家介紹HELMM高級止汗香體膏!😚 開箱 ❥我收到的是一個很好看藍色硬紙箱,裡面有一個簡約精美的皮革外包裝和一個膏體,看起來高級又大方!🤩 使用方法 ❥使用的方法非常簡單,只需要把膏體放進外殼裡面便完成了。需要使用的時候轉動瓶身下端,可以很輕鬆的把膏體轉動出來,設計非常方便,不會將某些牌子轉得出來卻轉不回去!👩🏻‍🔬 使用感受 ❥拿到實品後,我真心覺得果然不失所望!我收到的味道是TRAILBLAZER,是我喜歡的清新柑橘類香檸檬味道,其餘韻讓人精神振奮。絕對是一種男生女生都會喜歡的味道,聞了瞬間覺得變得高級了!🎁 ❥這款膏狀的止汗香體膏塗上後,數秒後便會轉變成乾爽的粉質,不會帶有半點黏稠感覺,所以用起來完全不悶熱。🌹 總結 ❥我覺得止汗產品是每個人都需要的,總體來說我和老公都蠻喜歡這個止汗香體膏,包裝真的很有質感!喜歡中性味道的女孩也可以入手試試!但是這款比較重一點,攜帶不太方便,幸好味道很持久,所以其實出門前塗了一遍便可以了!🌱 ❥不過我收到的外殼有一個很大的缺點,就是我把整支倒著拿起來,蓋子會垂直掉下來,蓋不緊有點小失望...假如能夠改善這個問題就完美了!🍀 # 燃烧卡路里大作战 # # 清透妆容 # # 百万积分第7季 # # 开学第一单 #