Yami 특선
Cookie in hand, sweet in mouth Matcha Honey Bean Cookies Listening to the name is so gentle and lingering, elegant and romantic It is said that matcha and honey beans are a perfect match. Light matcha with honey beans and a cup of coffee☕️ This weekend, everything is elegant and refreshing, the taste of spring The matcha fragrance is lighter, crispy and not greasy, and the lips and teeth are fragrant Delicious and inexpensive Easy to carry when going out, easy to eat Brand quality, rest assured Ingredients: low-gluten wheat flour, butter, eggs, red bean, powdered sugar, matcha powder, almond flour, edible oil The most important thing is not sweet, not sweet, not sweet, but it will fall off ^_^ When you are troubled, you can only bombard it with delicious snacks to make you feel happy A cup of coffee on a sunny afternoon Another Yamibuy Matcha Honey Bean Cookies You can meet life and meet the good time of afternoon tea, very comfortable ^_^ # 三食三餐 # # 亚米夜市 # # 开学第一单 # # 百万积分第7季 # # 爆款小零食 #
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Yami 특선 曲奇在手 甜蜜在口 抹茶蜜豆曲奇 听名字就是如此的温柔缠绵 优雅浪漫 都说抹茶和蜜豆是绝配 淡淡的抹茶加上蜜豆 再來一杯咖啡☕️ 这样的周末 一切都是淡雅清爽的 春天的味道 抹茶香较淡 酥脆不腻 唇齿留香 好吃又不贵 一盒10包 独立包装 出门携带方便 吃着方便 品牌质量 吃得放心 成分含:低筋小麦粉 黄油 鸡蛋 红小豆 糖粉 抹茶粉 扁桃仁粉 食用油 最重要不甜 不甜 不甜 但是会掉渣^_^ 烦恼的时候只能用美味零食轰炸 让幸福感爆棚 阳光的午后 泡上一杯咖啡 再来个亚米网物美价廉的抹茶蜜豆曲奇 就可以遇见生活 遇见下午茶好时光 非常惬意^_^ # 三食三餐 # # 亚米夜市 # # 开学第一单 # # 百万积分第7季 # # 爆款小零食 #