Memories kill ~ Hangzhou West Lake is always so beautiful Photographed the sunset on the broken bridge Hefang Street is a shopping street with many shops Streets with many Chinese elements, light rain and cold smoke Even the McDonald's building is unique Although the winter is cold, the heat of tourists continues, and the boats and cruise ships on the lake are vague # 趁着春光去旅行 # # 百万积分第7季 #
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回忆杀~杭州西湖永远都那么美 拍到那一抹落日余晖洒在断桥 河坊街购物一条街,很多购物商铺 很多中国元素的街头,小雨寒烟 就连麦当劳建筑都是独具风格 虽然寒冬,游人热度不减、湖上小船、游轮依稀 # 趁着春光去旅行 # # 百万积分第7季 #