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【Empty Bottle Record】Peterthomasroth Cream

IncomingpeterthomasrothSet< span class="s2">set only empty bottle of cream strong push! ! sephoraReview4.4/5🌟

This cream focuses on high-efficiency hydration I see Know I can't help but buy it! As a dry combination, the pursuit is to moisturize the skin. I emptied the bottle in winter. The effect of the cream is great for me Summer should also be good will definitely repurchase dresses


is a special moisturiser has a special texture Water cream smells nothing It is a very light fragrance 

Apply on face immediately Apply completely Face doesn't feel heavy at all nor greasy < /span>Follow-up makeup will not get stuck or something Awesome!

After applying for a while, my skin feels much better It feels moisturizing to the touch~ It's like the skin has absorbed a lot of water!

Because I'm dry so sometimes I don't have enough water in winter There will be some dead skin on the face but this cream is used until the bottle is empty My skin is no longer dead skinned in love!


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Yami 특선


入的peterthomasroth的套装set 只空瓶了面霜 强推!!sephora评价4.4/5🌟

这款面霜主打高效补水 一看我就知道我不能不买!身为混干追求的就是皮肤保湿啦我是在冬天空瓶的 面霜的效果对我来说很棒 夏天用应该也是很好的 一定会回购正装


是一款特别的水润 质地也特别水的面霜 闻起来没啥味道 就是很淡很淡的香味 

上脸一下子就抹开了 涂完全脸完全不会感觉很厚重 也不会觉得很油腻 后续上妆也不会卡纹什么的 超棒!

涂完一段时间觉得皮肤变得好了很多 摸起来是那种润润的感觉~像是皮肤吸收了很多水那样!

因为我混干 所以冬天有时候补水不够脸上会出现一些死皮 但是这款面霜一直到用到空瓶 我的皮肤都没有再出现死皮的状况 爱上了!


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