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Super haunting rice noodles!


The orders I posted a few days ago were all in demand, and they were all sold out in minutes. Fortunately, I ordered four packs of soul-hunting rice noodles! Still less! I want to eat it every day! Yami is restocking quickly!


Not only is the name ecstasy~ the outsourcing is also very cute and woody, holding a large bag with great weight.


After opening, all kinds of material packets popped out, a big bag of rice noodles, pay attention to not vacuum packaging, friends who have a lot of stock remember to take out the rice noodle bag and put it in the refrigerator save.


The rice noodles are plump and plump, and they look very appetizing!


There are two seasoning packs, I poured them all, and since I eat, I will eat the original flavor!


There are as many as three packs of flavored vegetables. I didn't take pictures of them one by one. I was really anxious to eat them haha.

The practice is very simple, the rice noodles are scalded with boiling water5minutes Then pour the water, add the boiling water again, and at the same time add the cabbage bag with all the ingredients and boil it, and it is ready to eat, but I waited a little longer with the lid on.



It's very appetizing! The rice noodle tastes very good, it is very fat, the material is delicious, and it is not too spicy at all! The soup is also very fragrant and delicious, I can't praise it any more!


The son eats egg pancakes, and the old mother devours a bowl of rice noodles in an instant.

I've been craving for the past few days, no wonder it's called Soul Noodles!


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