Yami 특선
🌸Didn't make rice balls yesterday🍙, and then there was a lot of 🍚 and luncheon meat left, which was a pity to discard, so turning them into treasures and making kimchi fried rice is really suitable! Leftovers can be delicious too 😋! Because the fried rice was originally made with overnight rice, it would taste better. This meal is fast and delicious without sticking to any ingredients. You can use whatever you have in the refrigerator. It is very suitable for work, school, party and weekday dinners. Chopped green onion, chopped garlic, chopped kimchi, and cut the leftover lunch meat into small pieces (in addition to kimchi and leftover rice, it is best to have onions, and you can replace everything else according to what is left in the refrigerator) 2. Put it in the pot Oil (add a little more oil for kimchi fried rice to be more fragrant), fry the onion over low heat, add white onion, minced garlic, stir fry until fragrant, add kimchi and fry until fragrant, add lunch meat, fry a little, add leftover 🍚, stir fry and stir well, Add a spoonful of soy sauce, a spoonful of Korean chili sauce (not much, just to enhance the taste), a small spoon of sugar, if it is not salty enough, you can add a little salt, not too much because the luncheon meat is very salty. 3. The fire can be a little higher, but be sure to use a non-stick pan and stir fry continuously to prevent sticking to the pan. It will be more delicious to fry with a slightly burnt fragrance, and fry it for about 6 or 7 minutes until the fragrance is fragrant. The fried rice is also a little burnt and fragrant, sprinkle with chopped green onion and you can put it on a plate. It is best to fry a single-sided half-boiled egg to match it better! 🌸 If this heat is reached, it will be super delicious! The rice grains are clearly chewy, with a little sour and fragrant of kimchi, with the fragrance of onion and garlic and the sweetness of onion, super fragrant and super delicious 😋 Especially with the uncoagulated egg yolk of half-boiled eggs, it is really satisfying ! # 拜托了冰箱 # # 百万积分第7季 # # 亚米食谱 # # 五行缺辣 #
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Yami 특선 🌸昨天不是做了饭团🍙嘛,然后剩了不少🍚和午餐肉,弃之可惜,于是把它们变废为宝做成泡菜炒饭真的再合适不过啦!剩饭也可以变得很好吃😋!因为本来炒饭也是要用隔夜饭炒会好吃一点。这个吃饭又快手又好吃又不拘泥什么食材,冰箱里有什么就用什么,超适合作上班上学党工作日的晚餐🍽 🌸做法如下: 1. 洋葱切小丁,葱白切碎,葱绿切成葱花,蒜切碎,泡菜切小,剩午餐肉切小块(这里的食材除了泡菜和剩饭以外,洋葱最好也有,别的都可以根据自己冰箱里剩了什么替代) 2. 锅里放油(泡菜炒饭油多放一点比较香),小火炒香洋葱,加入葱白,蒜末,炒香以后放入泡菜炒香,加入午餐肉,稍微炒一下,加入剩🍚,炒散炒匀,加入一勺生抽,一勺韩式辣酱(不用多,提味而已),一小勺糖,不够咸的话可以略加一点点盐,不要多因为午餐肉很咸。 3. 火可以偏大一点,但是一定要用不粘锅且不断翻炒以防粘锅,火大一点炒的略带焦香会比较好吃,大概炒个6、7分钟到炒出香味,炒饭也有点焦香了,撒入葱花就可以出锅装盘啦。最好再煎个单面半熟蛋搭配更好吃哟! 🌸这个火候要是到了的话真的超级好吃!米饭粒粒分明有嚼头,带着泡菜的一点点酸和香,配着葱蒜的香味和洋葱的甜,超香超好吃😋尤其再配着半熟蛋的未凝固的蛋黄,真的超满足!# 拜托了冰箱 # # 百万积分第7季 # # 亚米食谱 # # 五行缺辣 #