☃️My winter cream ❄️ The temperature has suddenly dropped recently, and finally autumn has come, and my winter skin care products can finally start to be used~ This winter, I chose to try Fresh's Water Lily Cream. Because I tried the medium sample of it before, I used it for a while, and it felt pretty good, very mild, very moisturizing, and not too greasy (I have mixed oil), it is just right for winter use, I think it is it. It is said that it is also the lightest one in the fresh family cream series. Some time ago, I bought it during the Sephora discount period, 50ml, 46 knives. 8% off is not bad. The overall feeling is good: recommended for combination oily skin in winter~ # 换季护肤 #
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☃️我的冬季面霜❄️ 最近突然降温,终于秋天来了,我的冬季护肤产品也终于可以开始用起来了~ 今年冬天,我选择尝试Fresh的睡莲面霜。因为之前尝试过它的中样,用了段时间,感觉还不错,很温和,也挺滋润,又不会太油腻(本人混油),冬天用正合适,就觉得是它了。据说也是fresh家面霜系列里最轻薄的一款了。 前段时间在丝芙兰打折时期买的,50ml,46刀。8折下来还不错。 总体感觉不错:推荐给混油皮冬天用~ # 换季护肤 #