New York Cuisine|Kong Sikh Tong Salted Egg Yolk Flow Heart Toast Sure enough, high-calorie food can make people feel happy~ 🥰 The western toast at the Hong Kong Canteen really likes not to step on the thunder! The salted egg yolk toast is full of saltiness and sweetness 💯 Delicious and not greasy~ Going for a staple food➕ drink during breakfast is 🆓 economical! Their Hong Kong-style milk tea ☕️ is also my favorite delicious drink👌🏻 # 纽约吃喝玩乐 # # 美食种草 #
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纽约美食|Kong Sikh Tong 咸蛋黄流心西多士 果然高热量的食物能让人感觉幸福~ 🥰 港食堂的西多士真的很喜欢基本不踩雷! 咸蛋黄流心西多士咸甜度满分💯好吃不腻~ 早餐时段去一份主食➕饮品是🆓的经济实惠! 他们家的港式奶茶☕️也是我自己很爱的好喝👌🏻 # 纽约吃喝玩乐 # # 美食种草 #