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# 今天也是yami的一天 # Originally, I was very excited to tell my girlfriends that we don't have to make moon cakes for the Mid-Autumn Festival, there are free ones to eat! Then, after receiving a $15 gift card from Yamibuy, I found all the custard mooncakes! Out of stock! 😂 Then I can only go back to the arms of snacks. I have been here for two years and I have bought a lot of things on and off at Yamibuy. The phd life is getting busy, mainly all kinds of snacks and fast food products, as well as occasional Japanese skin care. Yami self-operated is generally my first choice. Compared to my favorite Yunnan specialty (wet rice noodle soup base is super delicious), the threshold for free shipping is relatively low, the variety of items is complete, the replenishment speed is relatively fast, and the delivery arrives. It's also super fast. This time, I also bought a bunch of snacks. It took only 3 days from delivery to home. The package was neat and clean. The outside was fragile and the inside was well protected with an inflatable plastic bag. In the current delivery received in the United States, it has a level of praise with the packaging on the chanel official website. My best friend bought Wolong yam tablets with good reviews before. The spicy and spicy ones are very suitable for my Xinjiang people's appetite. This time I picked Xiaomei's snack brand and bought three flavors at once. The Beibei children expressed their interest. Kittens and cats can't eat spicy potato chips, please be more conscious 🙃 The taste is still similar to Wolong, crispy and crunchy, without the hardness of potato chips, do you feel that the proportion of starch is higher and the proportion of fiber is lower? The thickness is slightly thicker than Wolong. The spicy taste of Chuanshu is very similar to that of Wolong, and it is still my favorite, but it is a bit too spicy for me to eat more than Wolong. But I don’t know if this brand is used to make a column packaging, the yam tablets are a bit broken and I can only pour them out and eat them. Why can’t I have both, the other two tastes pretty good. I eat it, but I have tried a lot of potato chips. These two did not surprise me, nor are I particularly fond of them. They are good for teeth grinding when you don’t want to eat spicy food. After I finished talking about the yam tablets, I just wanted to express that I was super happy when I received the free gift card, thinking that $15 can buy several packs of snacks. As a result, the budget was enough for free postage and finally I bought a 100+ snack package. It was me. I moved to a new home and I can buy snacks on Yami.
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Yami 특선 # 今天也是yami的一天 # 本来特别兴奋地跟闺蜜说咱们中秋不用自己做月饼啦有免费的可以吃!然后收到亚米$15的礼卡之后发现奶黄月饼全部!断货!😂那我只能重回零食的怀抱了。 来这边两年在亚米网断断续续买了好多东西,phd生活日渐忙碌,主要也是各种零食和速食产品,还有偶尔的日系护肤。亚米自营一般就是我的首选,相比于我特别喜欢的一家云南特产(湿米线汤底超好吃),免邮门槛比较低,东西种类全,补货速度比较快,发货到货速度也超快。这一次也是买了一堆零食,从发货到到家不过3天时间,寄来的包裹包装整齐干净,外面贴了易碎并且内部用充气塑料袋保护的很好。在目前美国收到的快递里面和chanel官网包装一个等级的好评。 之前闺蜜买过评价很好的卧龙山药片,麻麻辣辣的很合我这个新疆人的胃口,这次挑了小梅的零食这个牌子,一下买了三个口味。北北小朋友表示非常感兴趣,小猫猫是不能吃辣味薯片的请你自觉一点好吗🙃 口感仍然是和卧龙差不多,酥酥脆脆,没有薯片的硬度,感觉淀粉比例高一些纤维比例少?厚度要比卧龙稍微厚一点点。川蜀香辣味和卧龙的麻辣很像,果然还是我的最爱,但是又没有卧龙的吃多了对我来说有点太辣,味道胜。但是不知道是不是这个牌子为了做成柱装包装,山药片有点碎吃起来只能倒出来一把吃,过瘾和一片一片慢慢吃为什么不让我兼得😂其他两个味道也还挺好吃的,不过尝试过很多薯片味道这俩没有给我什么惊喜也不是我特别爱的那种,不想吃辣的时候用来磨牙挺好的。 山药片念叨完了,最后我只想表达一下,收到了免费礼卡的时候我超级开心,想着$15可以买好几包零食了。结果预算凑够免邮最后买出了一个100+的零食包裹的就是我本人了😅马上搬了新家就又可以在亚米上买买买零食咯(说好的省钱呢)