Yami 특선
A great delicacy for walking ——Pure Flavored Luwei Snacks 🌟Product introduction🌟 This time Amway's product is "a great and delicious plain snack for walking" As the name suggests, their products are packaged in small bags. You can bring small snacks when you go out to play or hang out with friends~ Chunwei Luwei Food Company is the first Chinese brand to be produced in the United States. The authentic taste has won the recognition and favor of the Chinese market for many times after its listing~ And it is a U.S.-based company whose production is regulated by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Therefore, Pure Taste can be completely assured and trusted in terms of food safety. 🌟Product Packaging🌟 · Pure flavor vacuum packaging series —— Spicy duck head✖️1 —— Spicy duck neck✖️1 —— Cold bean curd✖️1 · Walking snack bag series —— Small Spicy Stinky Tofu✖️1 · Walking Snacks Pure Delicate Edition Gift Pack —— Chicken feet with sansho✖️1 —— Spicy beef tendon✖️1 —— Spicy duck wings✖️1 —— Spicy Duck Zhen✖️1 —— Spicy duck feet✖️1 —— Spicy duck neck✖️1 These are all the products I bought this time. The package is tight on the packaging and comes with two ice packs. To ensure that the food has played a role in preserving the freshness during transportation~ The only downside is that the "cold yuba" came in a broken bag. Therefore, the leakage of chili oil from the product may require the merchant to pay attention~ Probably because the vacuum packaging bags of other products are relatively hard, so they were scratched. 🌟Product tasting🌟 I really like the "cold bean curd" of the pure flavor vacuum-packed series. The bean curd will not be too rotten to maintain its original Q bomb taste~ The taste is mildly spicy with some garlic flavor, the latter being a bit heavy. The "Spicy Duck Neck" and "Spicy Duck Head" of the Pure Vacuum Packaging Series. Friends who usually like to eat duck goods are also a must-have item~ At first, I felt that the spicy taste was not strong enough, but the more I gnawed it, the more spicy it became, it was very exciting! Spicy duck head is very complete and spicy with a little salty fragrance and is very tasty! The taste of the spicy duck neck and duck head is the same, and there is a lot of meat on it! These two are excellent snacks for watching dramas and watching movies👌🏻 can't stop eating! The walking snack "Small Spicy Stinky Tofu" is not recommended personally. The stinky tofu pure flavor made into a small snack is really "stinky" Moreover, the original taste of tofu is well maintained and it is not very hard. It's just that this one tastes a little too salty for me. The mouthful of juices in one bite made it very much like eating fresh tofu. It will not be completely dry and hard like other brands of snack stinky tofu. So I think if the taste is not so salty, it will add a lot of points~ Walking snacks pure taste exquisite gift package, this is suitable for entangled stars~ If you want to try everything, buy this small package and it's perfect! You can take it as you like and take it into small bags, and you are not afraid that you will not be able to finish eating. This kind of packaging is a must 👍🏻 The taste of the spicy series is the same as the vacuum packaging, it is very delicious 😋 The spicy beef tendon has a QQ taste and a milky milky taste. The spicy duck is not too fishy, and the spiciness is not too high. The chicken feet with sansho peppers are also vigorous and fleshy, and they are full and delicious! # 我要当测评官第9期 # # 百万积分第7季 # # 被二哥种草了 # # 五行缺辣 # # 今天也是yami的一天 #
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Yami 특선 行走的绝佳美味 ——— 纯味卤味零食 🌟产品介绍🌟 这次安利的产品是“行走的绝佳美味纯味零食” 顾名思义就是他们家的产品有小袋分装的系列。 出行游玩或是朋友聚会店时候都可以带上小零食啦~ 纯味卤味食品公司是第一家在美生产的华人品牌。 味道正宗上市后多次赢得了华人市场的认可和青睐~ 并且是美国农业部USDA监管生产的美国本土企业。 所以纯味在食用安全方面完全可以很放心和信赖。 🌟产品包装🌟 · 纯味真空包装系列 —— 麻辣鸭头✖️1 —— 麻辣鸭脖✖️1 —— 凉拌腐竹✖️1 · 行走的零食小包系列 —— 小麻辣臭豆腐✖️1 · 行走的零食纯味精致版礼包 —— 山椒凤爪✖️1 —— 麻辣牛板筋✖️1 —— 麻辣鸭翅✖️1 —— 麻辣鸭珍✖️1 —— 麻辣鸭爪✖️1 —— 麻辣鸭脖✖️1 以上这些是我这次所购入的所有产品。 包裹在包装上很严实并附送了两个冰袋。 保证了食品在运输过程中起到了保鲜的作用~ 唯一的一个缺点是“凉拌腐竹”收到时袋子破了。 所以导致产品的辣油漏出可能需要商家注意一下~ 大概是其他产品的真空包装袋比较硬所以划破了。 🌟产品试吃🌟 纯味真空包装系列的“凉拌腐竹”我很喜欢。 腐竹处理的不会太烂保持了它原有的Q弹口感~ 口味上是淡淡的辣加上一些蒜香味后者味道偏重。 纯真真空包装系列的“麻辣鸭脖”和“麻辣鸭头”。 平时喜欢啃鸭货的朋友这两款也是必选的单品~ 刚开始我觉得辣味不够重结果越啃越辣非常的带劲! 麻辣鸭头是很完整的麻辣中带点咸香很是入味! 麻辣鸭脖和鸭头的味道是一致的上面的肉也很多! 这两者是追剧看电影的绝佳零食👌🏻啃的停不下来! 行走的小包零食“小麻辣臭豆腐”个人不太推荐。 做成小零食的臭豆腐纯味这款做到了真的“臭香” 而且也完好保持了豆腐原本的口感也不是很硬的。 只是这款的味道上我个人觉得有点略微的偏咸了点。 一口咬下去满嘴的汁水做的很像在吃新鲜的豆腐。 不会像其他品牌的零食臭豆腐完全是干硬的那种。 所以我觉得如果味道不那么咸的话会加分很多的~ 行走的零食纯味精致礼包这款适合纠结星人~ 什么都想试一试买这种小包装的礼包就很完美了! 随吃随取小袋分装也不怕吃不完这种包装必须👍🏻 麻辣系列的味道和真空包装是一样都非常的好吃😋 麻辣牛板筋口感QQ的还有一种奶香奶香的味道。 麻辣鸭珍味道也不会腥处理的很好辣度也不会很高。 山椒凤爪啃起来也是带劲肉质也是很饱满鲜美的! # 我要当测评官第9期 # # 百万积分第7季 # # 被二哥种草了 # # 五行缺辣 # # 今天也是yami的一天 #