Dior new 🦒 earrings Fried Chicken Fried Chicken Cute Giraffe ✨ Except for the golden 🦒 And gold pink 🦁️ and platinum 🐘 I just want to gather at the zoo hehe 🧡 In the past two years, it seems that many brands are very fond of the Animal World series~ Recommend! !
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Dior 新款🦒耳坠 炒鸡炒鸡可爱的长颈鹿✨ 除了金色的🦒 还有金粉色的🦁️ 和白金的🐘 简直要聚齐动物园呀嘿嘿🧡 近两年好像很多牌子都很青睐动物世界系列呐~ 推荐哦!!